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Titusville is a city in Brevard County Florida and is west of Merritt Island, the Kennedy Space Station and the Canaveral national seashore. Real estate listings in the city have diverse price ranges and styles, from luxurious 3-bedroom multi-story homes with swimming pools to attractive, new condos and small, affordable single-family houses. There is also a large number of rentals in Titusville.

Titusville is located just outside of St. John’s National Wildlife refuge and faces the John f. Kennedy Space Center. It attracts many tourists who come to see the space center and visit the US Space Walk and the Astronauts Hall of Fame. The La Cita Golf & Country Club is a popular place for outdoor leisure activities and the Sears Town Mall provides numerous shopping options. Indian River City and Indian River shores provide striking views of the water, and there are is a selection of pleasant homes in Bayview Estates. The Enchanted Forest Nature Sanctuary provides abundant green space and natural exploration. Titusville has a collection of 21 historic homes concentrated around Hopkins Street, Main Street and Indian River Avenue. This area is referred to as the Commercial District, comprises 60 acres and is included in the National Registry of Historic Places.

Titusville has a healthy employment rate and in recent years has recovered after heavy layoffs with the end of the space program in 2011. Most of the jobs are in trade, utilities and transportation, with a number of opportunities in health and education. Many Titusville residents are employed by the aerospace program or in aerospace-related tourism the city attracts. Knights Armament Company has its headquarters in Titusville and is among the nation’s top producer of small arms. Parrish Medical Center is a major employer as well as the Barn Light Electric Company. The manufacturer of light fixtures employed a large number of former NASA employees.