11 Condos For Sale in Toms River, NJ

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Toms River, formerly Dover Township, is near the Atlantic shore of New Jersey. The local housing market in the city is strong, with a good inventory and prices that are relatively affordable. Sales are up, as are sale prices, indicating a healthy market for resale. There are also some developments with new home construction in Toms River featuring single family homes, townhomes and condominiums.

Toms River used to be a village located within Dover Township. Now the Village is only a small neighborhood in the city. The Village neighborhood features older homes with new planned developments and is located conveniently near the highway. Downtown Toms River is currently undergoing revitalization to preserve its historic, cultural and tourist interests while increasing property value. It offers many amenities, including river boats, restaurants, museums and farmer’s markets. When Toms River changed its name, it encompassed the areas close by and two Dover beaches, one north and one south. Dover Beach North encompasses a small seaside community with private beach access. Dover Beach South is more commonly known as Ortley Beach. The total area of the beach neighborhood is less than a mile. It also includes access to private beaches. Both north and south beaches share a boardwalk near the beach. Traditionally, the northern side of town has been more desirable than the south, but that has changed over the last decade. South Toms River has undergone a transformation to make it another highly sought after area.

Retail and healthcare are the largest industries in Ocean County, of which Toms River is a part. The many shopping malls in the area help to sustain the retail industry. The county is home to several large companies as well. The largest employers in the area are St. Barnabas Healthcare System, Georgian Court University and Six Flags Theme Park, which, when combined, employ over 13,000 people.