24 Condos For Sale in Yonkers, NY

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The fourth most populous city in the state of New York is Yonkers, a city with nicknames from ‘The City of Gracious Living’ to ‘The Terrace City’. Because of its location as an inner suburb of New York City, Yonkers is home to many high-rise residences and condominiums of various sizes and styles. Condos in Yonkers range in size from 600 square feet to 1500 square feet and larger, depending on your needs.

Yonkers can be roughly divided into four basic quadrants, which can be further broken down into nearly 40 residential communities and neighborhoods. Northeast Yonkers, home to many Irish-Americans and Italian-Americans, is a suburban area that contains many mid-rise apartment buildings that are built closely together, as well as a number of affluent sections of Yonkers such as Lawrence Park West and Winchester Villages. Northwest Yonkers, home to neighborhoods such as Runyon Heights, Homefield, Glenwood, and Greystone, is an ethnically diverse area that is home to some major retail centers of the city, such as Nepperhan Avenue. Southeast Yonkers, which contains the ‘Little Italy’ segment of the city, is a primarily residential neighborhood, as well as the home of the Cross County Shopping Center and the Yonkers Raceway. Southwest Yonkers encompasses the central business district as well as many high-rise condo structures.

The Yonkers economy is lively and burgeoning, and is undoubtedly tightly integrated into the surrounding New York City economy. Major shopping centers in Yonkers provide the retail and commercial spaces that have some of the largest workforces in the area, including Getty Square, Westchester’s Ridge Hill, Central Avenue, and the Cross County Shopping Center. The Yonkers Public Schools employ hundreds of local educators, administrators, and other staff, as do Sarah Lawrence College and Westchester Community College, also located in Yonkers. Still, many other Yonkers residents choose to make the easy commute to another suburb of New York City for employment.