370 Homes For Sale in Anaheim, CA

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In Orange County, Anaheim takes the prize of most populous city in the immediate area. Of course, that translates into a wealth of real estate opportunities for those looking to rent or purchase. You can choose to live in the heart of the city or further out in the suburbs. Either way, you will have a wide range of options including empty lots, townhomes, condos, residential properties, apartments and mobile homes. Anaheim, California has so much freedom of choice that anyone can find a great new space to call home.

Though Anaheim is certainly in the Los Angeles metropolitan region, it has a cityscape all its own as well as several districts: Anaheim Canyon, Anaheim Resort, Platinum Triangle and Anaheim Hills. Directly in the Colony Historic District, the downtown area serves as an administrative headquarters for the city. Here, you’ll find the police headquarters, Chamber of Commerce, the West Tower and the Main Library. Additionally, you can find the farmer’s market and the Center Street Promenade. The Muzeo, Orange County’s most recent major museum project, opened in 2007 right next to the West Tower. The Colony Historic District houses several major attractions including the Mother Colony House, the very first home built in the city. Also, there is the Stoffel House, a Victorian Mansion that served as a Red Cross until the 1990s.

Anaheim’s economy depends largely on the tourism. The Disneyland Resort brings in over $4 billion in annual revenue, which produces over $250 million in taxes for the city. The Walt Disney Company is easily the region’s biggest employer with more than 22,000 workers. The Anaheim Convention Center is a popular destination for many national conferences and the local hotels find steady business with convention attendees and resort tourists. Another major contributor to the city’s economy is the Anaheim Canyon business park. Though it is only the second largest business park in the country, the area is home to 2,600 enterprises that provide the region with 55,000 jobs. Notable companies include AT&T, Hewlett Packard, Panasonic, Toyota Financial Services and the Kaiser Foundation. There are many more businesses in the area, but these are just a few of the big names that call Anaheim home. The city is part of seven public school districts with a combined total of 84 public educational facilities. Additionally, you will find three private universities in the area: Anaheim University, Southern California Institute of Technology and Bristol University. If you are looking for a smart move, Anaheim can give you a broad selection of properties in a thriving economic and educational region.