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One of Florida’s best kept secrets is Estero, a tiny village that has seen enormous growth in the past few years. Golf club community homes make up a large part of the currently available real estate. However, the village also offers a great variety of condos, townhomes and traditional homes in all styles and designs. New communities are springing up all along the southeast side of Estero, but older, established communities are often hidden gems that have much to offer.

Estero may be the quaint community you have always dreamed of living in. Located on the southeast edge of the Cape Coral-Fort Myers metropolitan area, the village has only 30 square miles of land and 30,000 residents. With this location, Estero provides residents with the opportunity of living within a close-knit community without sacrificing many of the perks of a large metropolitan area. It is ideal for those of retirement age, as almost half of all current residents are age 65 or older. The village holds high standards for businesses, so residents can be sure that all buildings will be properly maintained at all times. This makes the community a fresh, pleasant place to shop, dine and explore.

The village of Estero, Florida, has been officially incorporated only since 2014, but the area is full of rich history. The first settlers came to the area in 1882 to farm citrus and that heritage is easily seen in many of the older areas of town, especially along the Estero River. Those who wish to learn more about the early residents of the village can visit the historical sites that dot the area, such as the Koreshan State Historic Site and the Planetary Court at Koreshan State Park. For those who are more recreationally inclined, the village also offers a wealth of golf clubs, as well as opportunities for hiking and kayaking. Bodwditch Point Regional Park is a favorite beach that provides many opportunities for various outdoor adventures for people of all ages. Shopping is a favorite activity among residents, who take advantage of the new retail shops, restaurants and malls that dot the area. Estero is a place where people of all ages can come to enjoy and make their homes. If you consider sunshine and relaxation a must-have, browse our listings of homes for sale to find your new home.