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Florida's housing market may currently be the best place to make a long-term real estate investment. Home prices in Florida have been climbing since November of 2011, and statistical patterns show they are likely to continue to increase. There is a growing demand for new real estate construction across the state, fueled by an increasing number of retirees. Prices for new and existing real estate in Florida vary from $37.36 per square foot in Kenneth City to $546.77 per square foot in Key Biscayne.

There are many influential cities in Florida, each with something unique to offer. Port St. Lucie is the ninth largest city in Florida with a population of about 155,000 people. Located on the Atlantic coast, the cost of living and crime rates are very low, and the educational system is excellent. The city of St. Petersburg's location on the Gulf of Mexico is optimal for boating, fishing, and water sports. It is Florida's fourth largest city, and the number of younger residents there has increased due to its booming arts scene, exquisite dining spots, and nightlife. There is great diversity in Jacksonville, as it is the largest city in Florida. It is rich in culture and history and home to the annual Gator Bowl and Jacksonville Film Festival. Its many excellent colleges and universities make it an ideal place to raise a family.

Because Florida is one of the most frequent travel destinations, tourism is a driving force in its economy. One out of every nine people employed in Florida have jobs related to tourism, and the tourism industry contributed $51 billion to the state gross domestic product in 2015. Florida's warm climate, long growing season, and high annual average precipitation have made its agriculture industry legendary. Two of the top five agricultural products in 2014 were tomatoes and oranges, and 70 percent of the annual citrus production in the United States comes from Florida. Aerospace and aviation are important industries in Florida. With 19 commercial airports and over 2,000 aerospace and aviation companies located in Florida, the state is a center for research and development as well testing and education.

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