27 Condos For Sale in Fort Collins, CO

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Located at the base of the Rocky Mountains, Fort Collins, CO is Larimer County’s most populous municipality. The city offers an ideal combination of larger city amenities and college town charm. Many students and recent graduates choose to live in the area, and it provides a substantial offering of 2 and 3 bedroom homes in established neighborhoods.

The revitalized Fort Collins’s Old Town serves as the cities center and offers a number of renovated and refurbished homes located near thriving shops and restaurants. Those that live in the center of the city have the opportunity to walk and bike to work as well as local hotspots. Outside the center of town, the city has experienced substantial growth since the 1980s, establishing a number of beautiful neighborhoods, which surround the city center. While many of the homes in the area are located in the more established neighborhoods of the late 20th century, there are still a number of new developments in progress, which offer newly updated homes and modern. Because Fort Collins is a college town there is a significant mixture of owner and renter occupied properties throughout the city’s neighborhoods, and a number of students live close to the Colorado State University campus. The entire area is positioned near a number of recreational activities from biking to skiing.

The city is occupied by a number of service related businesses and manufacturing companies. Otterbox, Woodward Governor and Anheuser-Busch are all located in Fort Collins and contribute heavily to the areas economy. Additionally, a number of tech companies have settled in the area as a result of the facilities at the university. Pelco, National Semiconductor, Beckman Coulter, AMD, Avago, Intel, Hewlett Packard and LSI all have locations in the area and provide a number of employment opportunities. Despite the presence of these companies, Colorado State University remains the number one employer in the area. Additionally, residents have a number of economic opportunities in adjacent areas.