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Sometimes you just need to introduce a change of pace to your lifestyle. If you have been leading a hectic big-city working life for the last few years-or few decades-and are ready for something calmer, give the township of Fort Mill, South Carolina a look. With a land size not even reaching five square miles and a population of nearly 11,000, there is enough room here for you to purchase a multiple-bedroom house in the affordable $200,000 range.

The economic and working environment in Fort Mill is a healthy one. Citizens enjoy an income per capita and job growth above the national average with the unemployment rate below that figure. If you are accustomed to working in an office setting, you should have little trouble fitting in here. The fields of business, finance and sales are more concentrated here than in many other cities, with over half of Fort Mill residents making their living in these professions in some capacity. In spite of its small size, the township nevertheless offers plenty of public education options to its younger citizens. Should you have children coming with you on the move or you think there might be children at some point in your future, there are 13 grade schools nearby to choose from. The higher education institutions of York Technical College, Clinton Junior College and Winthrop University are also in the region.

If you like to spend your free time outside, there are many opportunities to do just that in Fort Mill. For a quiet, relaxing walk through nature, be sure to visit the Anne Springs Close Greenway. There are plenty of hiking and biking trails to use if you’re looking for a bit of exercise as well as numerous historical structures to view for a look into local history. The Springfield, Regent Park and Fort Mill Golf Clubs are well-regarded courses frequently used by the community’s many golf enthusiasts. Faith-based entertainment at the NarroWay Productions Theater is also a local favorite destination. The theater group puts on regularly-scheduled high-quality dinner productions of biblical stories for the whole family to enjoy. For more adrenaline-fueled family fun, Cedar Fair’s Carowinds amusement park is an ever-popular place for thrilling rides. Overall, there’s plenty to keep Fort Mill citizens occupied and entertained in their spare time, no matter the interest. Even if you can’t find it within the township’s small borders, the odds are good that you can find it in one of the nearby cities. Whether you’re looking to work or retire, Fort Mill, South Carolina has you covered.