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Despite being the seventh largest city in Tennessee and a suburb of Nashville, Franklin maintains a small-town charm while in the midst of a growth spurt. Since 2000, Franklin has more than doubled its population size but still has plenty of room to grow. Available in this booming city are single- and two-story homes with large lawns for parties and playing, as well as quaint, tree-nestled cottages. The older homes here, along with much of the city, have deep roots going as far back as the Civil War.

Franklin is the county seat of Williamson County, considered to be one of the most desirable suburban locations in Tennessee. This is partly due to its location in relation to Nashville but also to a high standard of living. Health care is widely available in Franklin and makes for steady employment; the top three employers in the city are health care related. Overall the unemployment rate in Franklin is very positive at nearly two-thirds the national average. Volunteer work is also easy to come by-no surprise since Tennessee is the Volunteer State. Ministries, Goodwill, and mental health counseling, to name a few, recruit volunteers and in return serve Franklin's residents. Franklin maintains a small-town feel because it is not overrun by any particular college, but there are a select few high-quality universities nearby such as Vanderbilt and Tennessee State.

Being so close to Nashville, it's no surprise that Franklin is home to many popular musicians including George Jones, Kenny Chesney, and Carrie Underwood. Each spring, the Main Street Festival provides non-stop musical entertainment and access to hundreds of vendors with hand-crafted wares, and it hosts over one thousand visitors. Throughout the year, other festivals also bring excitement to residents and visitors. Museums and galleries, even a glassblowing studio, are easy to find all over town. For the more adventurous, there are historic tours through haunted houses and parks. Segway tours and hot-air balloon rides are also great ways to see the city. In addition to tours and walks within the city, there are local driving trails for when you have a little more time to spend. Franklin marks the beginning of the Old Tennessee Trail, a winding drive through the state's scenic historic sites. Many other delightful day trips are available such as the Jack Trail and Nashville's Trace Trail. Franklin and surrounding areas are lush, green, and beautiful, perfect for roaming trips through the countryside. If you're looking for a small town with large appeal and great local amenities, then check out our available properties today.