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Iowa Homes For Rent

Search 1,560 homes for rent in Iowa. View listing photos and nearby sales, and find the perfect homes for rent in Iowa.

Iowa rentals are centered around its major metropolitan areas of Cedar Rapids and Des Moines, as well as other smaller cities throughout the state. The rent in the state is affordable, with Cedar Rapids having slightly higher rental rates. Many of the independently owned and managed homes for rent are single family homes, with multi-family homes available in the larger cities.

The state is divided into 10 regions. The Northwest Region is where Sioux City is located. It features historic Victorian mansions, an art center and a historically significant outpost from the Lewis and Clark Expedition. The largest employer in the region is Tyson Fresh Meats. The Northeast Region is home to Waterloo and Cedar Falls. It has agricultural roots that continue to this day and what many consider to be the best natural areas in the state. It's also a great place to take a drive with some of the most recognizable roadside attractions in the nation. Cedar Rapids is located in Eastern Iowa and is the cultural and art center of the state. It is home to several museums and theaters and a diverse population, including historically Czech neighborhoods and businesses. Des Moines is the state's largest city and its capital. It is located in the central region of the state. It's a hub for the insurance industry, publishing and financial services and has been named the "Best Place for Business" twice and the wealthiest city in America. It is also a politically important city, as the capital for the state which is the first to caucus for presidential elections.

As part of the Midwest, Iowa is a place of lush countryside and beautiful parks and natural scenery. Every year, its state fair attracts over a million people for rides, games and adventures in food. There are historic colonies is Amana County, a diverse restaurant scene and a variety of museums throughout. Along the Mississippi River, sits a reinvented waterfront in Dubuque that even has an aquarium dedicated the local ecosystem.

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