479 Condos For Sale in Jersey City, NJ

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Jersey City is the second largest city within New Jersey by population. More than 260,00 people make their home within the city’s limits and many of these residents live in condominiums. These condos can be found in quaint, historic buildings and modern high-rises alike. You can find anything from one-bedroom efficiencies to larger, two- and three-bedroom condominiums, all within Jersey City.

Downtown is a district within Jersey City that contains Historic Downtown and Waterfront. This neighborhood consists of smaller, low-rise buildings but newer development is quickly providing more restaurants and nightlife for this community. Newport is a master-planned community on 600 acres in the Downtown district. This community sits on the Hudson River and 15,000 people make their home there. Three high-rise condominium buildings are located there and residents have easy access to retail centers, entertainment and transportation. Journal Square is a business district and residential area that also serves as the city’s transportation hub. The neighborhood is undergoing a revitalization, bringing new life and modern features to the historic area. The Heights is a neighborhood in the northern part of the city and Is home to many two- and three-bedroom family homes. Pershing Field, a park in the center of the district, provides residents with baseball fields, a swimming pool and an ice-skating rink, making it a great neighborhood for families with young children.

Jersey City’s size and proximity to New York City provide ample career opportunities in an array of industries and fields. Finance, insurance and real estate businesses are among the leading career options within the city. There has been more than 500 percent growth in these industries within the city since 1993. Other major industries in Jersey City and the surrounding area include construction and mining, leisure and hospitality and manufacturing. The relatively easy commute to the Big Apple and the economic growth of the Jersey City area make it a great place to live and work for people of all career backgrounds.