589 Homes For Rent in Jersey City, NJ

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Jersey City is one of the busiest metropolitan areas in the entire state. Newcomers to the city are drawn by educational and job opportunities as well as by the competitive cost of living associated with the area. There are many different apartments, homes, condos, and town homes available to rent. Some of the most prominent rental properties include the 20 2 Street Apartments, which is located near major transit routes and offers residents many attractive amenities. Historic properties offer residents unique housing options. The apartments at 144 Old Bergen Road boast hardwood floors and other distinctive touches.

Jersey City is currently the second most populous city in New Jersey and it is growing fast. Like many other New England municipalities, Jersey City has a rich history created by many different people. Neighborhoods like The Heights and Bergen-Lafayette have been around for generations and boast many distinctive qualities. As a city rich in history, it is no wonder that many historic landmarks and points of interest are located throughout the area. Many libraries and museums are also located in Jersey City. The Jersey City Public Schools system serves school age children and young adults. This system is one of the highest ranked in the country. Charter schools, private schools, and parochial schools also operate within Jersey City, so parents have many educational choices to consider.