150 Homes For Sale in Laveen, AZ

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Laveen, Arizona is a part of the Phoenix area, oftentimes referred to as an "urban village." Because of the constant urbanizing of this area, the majority of Laveen’s homes display a modern style, and average 3-4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. However, for those looking for a more compact space, the growth of this environment ensures a wide supply of affordable and up-to-date apartments. In this area where rural traditions meet urban growth, anyone can find the perfect place for themselves and their family.

Though Laveen, Arizona is commonly associated with urban life, the area initially began as a purely rural settlement. The city’s greatest product was once cotton, and tourism increased each year when it was time to harvest crops, as migrant workers made their way to the city. However, with the increased use of machinery in this process, migrant workers have become rare. Furthermore, Laveen is now home to far more factories than agricultural opportunities, making it the perfect location for those looking for an old-fashioned assembly and manufacturing career. Despite this recent technological growth within the area, the city still manages to hold on to certain traditions that recall its earlier days, like the presence of the Laveen Cowbelles, a group of women who organize community picnics and events, and promote the beauty and connectedness that Laveen has to offer.

Aside from manufacturing opportunities, the city of Laveen, Arizona provides plenty of opportunities for those who wish to work in a more natural environment. The economy here relies greatly on its involvement in the beef and cattle industry, something that is promoted by one of the city’s largest events: the annual barbeque. This event is a tradition that began in the 1950’s, when it was held on the last Sunday of each year in order to raise money for the March of Dimes organization. The event has since been moved to early February, but continues to average just under $100,000 in donations each year. When they aren’t attending barbeques or other community gatherings, residents have the unlimited use of South Mountain Park, as well as various camping and visiting locations along both the Salt and Gila rivers. As an added bonus, these attractions are only twelve miles away from Phoenix, host to all of the night life and amusement that might be otherwise unavailable. With this unique mixture of tradition and progress, Laveen is the perfect place for anyone looking to start their life and to build a future in this happy, growing city.