48 Condos For Sale in Littleton, CO

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Littleton, Colorado is a southwestern suburb of Denver, bordering and encompassing the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. As the population of the Denver metropolitan area expands, so do Littleton’s communities. New home construction continues throughout the city with several ongoing and planned developments. With plenty of desirable space and available land, it seems that new construction in the city is likely to continue in the long term. The home resale market is doing well as home sale prices have steadily increased over the past several years.

Littleton is a large city consisting of many neighborhoods, each with its own distinct personality. Right outside of Denver, Littleton features older homes and a quaint downtown area. Littleton Public Schools covers this area, a small yet excelling district. On the far west side, in the Ken Caryl neighborhood, the homes are somewhat newer and abut the foothills. It is in unincorporated Jefferson County, with lower taxes than surrounding areas and is served by Jefferson County School District. This area is full of trails, parks and a suburban feel. Further south, still on the west side of Littleton is the Roxborough Park neighborhood, which recently saw an influx of new residents due to new construction. Roxborough Park has a more remote, smaller community feel and has some of its homes in the foothills. It has fewer amenities than other areas but is home to a lot of wildlife, one of the metro areas most beautiful state parks and a world-class golf course.

Littleton covers a lot of area and there are many employers within its boundaries. Many national corporations have made Littleton their home-base. CenturyLink’s corporate headquarters is in Littleton, providing over 6,000 jobs for the area. DISH Network also has their headquarters in Littleton, near the downtown area. Lockheed Martin is on the Southwest side of Littleton and is one of the largest employers in the state.