60 Homes For Sale in Olympia, WA

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Beautiful greenery, excellent education and amazing arts and culture are just a few reasons that Washington’s capital city, Olympia, lands itself on top ten lists year after year. Diverse neighborhoods like the tree-lined streets of South Capitol, the eclectic style of Eastside and the waterfront estates of Johnson Point offer a variety of options for wonderful homes in Olympia. Young professionals, families and college students converge together to call the city home.

Olympia is a nautical city, located on the western coast with a gorgeous wharf overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Its location is a draw for many due to the short commute to Seattle, Portland and Vancouver. It’s a center for fine arts in the Puget Sound area, boasting numerous theaters that bring in performances by the Olympia Symphony Orchestra as well as touring Broadway productions, comedians and pop concerts. Although the main form of transportation in the city is by personal motor vehicle, Olympia’s public transportation system is impressive for a city its size. Many of its residents use the bus to get around, producing positive effects on pollution and traffic patterns.

The Pacific Northwest is known for forests and mountains, and Olympia is no exception. The Woodard Bay Natural Resources Conservation Area, a 600 acre parcel of land, is located here along the Henderson Inlet. It’s more than 5 miles of coastal land that act as a sanctuary for local flora and fauna, particularly harbor seals, bald eagles and the great blue heron. There are dozens of outdoor areas in the region with activities for every interest including public skate parks such as Eastside’s Friendly Grove. Residents are so fond of the environment that they host one of the largest community celebrations of Earth Day, the Procession of the Species. The parade, which features costumes but no live animals or motorized vehicles, draws 30,000 viewers annually and nearly 3,000 participants. It’s no surprise that the friendly and caring residents of Olympia are some of the most educated in the country. More than 91% of the population has graduated high school, which is ten points more than the national average, and 41% have a master’s degree, 13 points above the rest of the nation. The many amenities and beauty of the area make Olympia a clear choice of location for your new home. Take a look at our listings and use the filtering feature to pick out the right house for you in the perfect Olympia neighborhood.