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When is an island not an island? When it's the state of Rhode Island! This state is the smallest in the nation but has a large history and culture. It's unique because it only has five counties and less than forty cities and towns, but has much to offer its over a million inhabitants. The rental market in The Ocean State also has much to offer, with historical homes in Newport and Providence, loft style condos and apartments in converted mills, and typical single-family neighborhoods as well.

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Rhode Island is very much a coastal state, with only Jerimoth Hill to break up the flat landscape. The state has cold winters, but its humid summers make it a popular tourist destination for beach goers. With coastline along Narragansett Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, Rhode Island has almost 400 miles of beach to accommodate locals and visitors. The state began as a fishing community, and its origins are reflected in the culture and cuisine of the area. Clams and other shellfish are very popular in the state; ask any resident about quahogs, stuffies, and clam cakes, and they can tell you where to find their favorite. The culinary traditions are influenced not only by the abundant seafood but also by the large Italian, Irish, and Portuguese communities that call Rhode Island home.