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Scottsdale, Arizona is one of the ritziest cities in the former Wild West. It’s been described as the "West’s Most Western Town" and "a desert version of Miami’s South Beach." Housing prices are high here, but that doesn’t stop people from doing whatever they can to reserve a spot in this desert paradise where the daytime sky is always baby blue. Unlike other cities where it costs an arm and a leg just to own a tiny patch of land, Scottsdale homes are grand and expansive, with plenty of room for manicured hedges and sandy cactus gardens.

Scottsdale is great for people with an adventurous spirit. Giant saguaro cacti stand watch over the rolling hills, beckoning the outdoorsy types to hike just a little farther out into the unknown. The impressive wilderness will fuel the passions of any hiker, runner, biker or naturalist and inspire a lifetime of exploring. There are cliffs aplenty for rock climbing enthusiasts, babbling rivers for those who enjoy river rafting, and lakes for kayakers. Golfers thrive in Scottsdale, which was cited in the 2006 Robb Report as one of the best cities in America for golfing. Great golf courses include FireRock, the Phoenician, the Boulders Resort, the Four Seasons Resort, Desert Mountain and Silverleaf, to name a few. It’s a city that will keep people fit and active for years to come because they may be fueled by the exhilaratingly expansive clear skies that Arizona is famous for.

The fun in Scottsdale isn’t limited to the outdoors. When the sun goes down, there are still plenty of things to do. For an active population with energy to spare, there is no shortage of nightclubs, bars and restaurants. In fact, the city is famous for having some of the hippest nightlife in the country. It keeps the young and fashion-conscious segment of its population satiated with many a trendy nightclub downtown, and it just started hosting an Ultimate Block Party for the New Year. As can be expected from a city that grew out of the Wild West, there’s also plenty of gambling. The Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community opened the city’s first permanent casino in 1998, and it was a big hit. More casinos have been opening up in the area since then. There is perhaps no other city in the United States that has such a perfect combination of outdoor activities and nighttime ritziness as Scottsdale. Browse through our listings to find the perfect property in this great city.