304 Homes For Sale in Stuart, FL

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Martin County, Florida residents looking for a beautiful and affordable place to live often choose Stuart. This is a small, unincorporated region in the state. It is sometimes referred to as the "Sailfish Capital of the World." Today, nearly 16,000 people live in this attractive area of Florida. There are luxury homes for sale and many older affordable homes as well. The area is full of life, relaxation, and great communities. Several of the homes are decent in size with a lot of land.

Stuart is located off the Treasure Coast of Florida. The area received its first settlers during the 1800s; however, it was not until the end of the 1800s that the area was named Stuart. The city is known for its tropical climate. This is mainly due to the water that surrounds the city. During the summer, it gets very hot, humid, and sometimes rainy. Fortunately, since the city sits on the coast, the highs stay in the upper 80s or low 90s. During the wintertime, Stuart is cool and humid. However, there are periods of dryness. Most of the houses are close to the water, providing residents with a tranquil atmosphere. For this reason, it is common for retired individuals to relocate to the area. However, there are several families in Stuart as well.

The town of Stuart is relatively small in size – 8.5 square miles. About a quarter of this area is water, and the rest is filled with homes and buildings. Many of the local businesses cater to the tourists in the area. They offer activities like sailing, boating charters, cruises, fishing charters, nature tours, SCUBA, and snorkeling. In addition to job opportunities with these businesses, many residents work for the Martin Health System. There are two health offices in the city. Children that live in Stuart can attend a variety of schools. There are a various public schools and private schools scattered throughout the town. Stuart is also known for its distinct neighborhoods. There is a downtown area, a golf club, the Ocean Boulevard area, St. Lucie Estates, and other neighborhoods scattered throughout Stuart. Throughout these neighborhoods, there are different landmarks and attractions. The town has a few museums, including Elliott Museum and Stuart Heritage Museum. There are also theaters and a botanical garden. If you are looking for an affordable Florida residence with access to water, then Stuart is a great place to consider.