301 New Homes For Sale in Tomball, TX

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Tomball, Texas is the home of hot and humid summers as well as hundreds of housing opportunities for those looking to relocate to the area. As part of a suburban town, Tomball hosts several types of housing opportunities, with single family detached homes ranging from $200,000 to $500,000 and apartments and condos for those looking for less pricey options.

Just like any other city, Tomball, Texas is composed of smaller communities and neighborhoods which work together in order to make this a great place to live. Rose Hill is the city’s largest community, and is considered the best in terms of raising a family due to its excellent schools, low crime rate and general high volume of school-aged children. Studies shows that the people living in this area are strongly concerned with education, leading to stronger schools. Not far away is Hufsmith, a town which features a unique mix of both college-aged and elderly residents. It’s has been rated as one of the best places to retire to, thanks to its rather peaceful and quiet setting and relatively low crime rate. This portion of Tomball is also home to the branch of the Lone Star College which services the area, leading to a higher number of incoming students and a generally well-educated population of young adults and retirees.

The healthcare industry is the largest employer of people in Tomball, Texas, but is closely followed by the manufacturing industry, which continues to thrive in this area despite the major decline of such jobs throughout the rest of the United States over the past several decades. Many residents are also hired by computer companies such as Hewett Packard or retail positions in some of the many shops in the area which further underlines the diversity of jobs available in this area. This wide variety ensures that the individuals who call this area home will be able to find their own personal niche in the local economy, leading to a secure city with a relatively low crime rate when compared to the surrounding Texas cities.