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Robert Witt

How long do I have to wait before I can sell a newly acquired house

Last Answered by Robert Witt   |   In Real Estate Investing  |   Port Charlotte, FL   |  32 months ago  |   Report
9 answers Answer this question Asked by Mike Scaffidi
Care Bellamy

I am looking to buy investment property in Orlando or/and Houston. I am Can...

Last Answered by Care Bellamy   |   In Real Estate Investing  |   Orlando, FL   |  19 months ago  |   Report
16 answers Answer this question Asked by Johnathan Mathews
Dave Trojanowski

i want to buy in lauderhill - lauderlakes condo's or another zone

Last Answered by Dave Trojanowski   |   In Real Estate Investing  |   Lauderhill, FL   |  33 months ago  |   Report
1 answers Answer this question Asked by alvaro alvaro
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