25 Condos For Sale in Beverly Hills, CA

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Nestled between Los Angeles and West Hollywood, you will find the luxurious community of Beverly Hills. Commonly referred to as "90210," the number of its zip code, many actors and actresses make their homes in Beverly Hills. The new developments in the area feature spacious apartments, mostly with two to three bedrooms and at least 2 bathrooms. If you are looking to move into any of these high-end suites, don’t expect to pay any less than $500 per square foot.

There are a few different neighborhoods to check out in Beverly Hills. The City Center has the most central location, and is just a short walk away from downtown. Most of the spaces for sale and for rent here are apartments, ranging from studio size to expansive four bedroom suites. The City Center in Beverly Hills offers a unique cultural flavor, as almost 40 percent of its residents are of Iranian ancestry. If you are looking to find houses or mansion-sized properties, look into the neighborhood of Loma Vista / Carla Ridge. Most of the homes here were built between 1940 and 1969, giving the area a unique historical charm. As it is wealthier than 99.9 percent of neighborhoods in the US, the types of properties available here will surely impress. If you are seeking more moderately priced situations than these neighborhoods, consider Wilshire Boulevard / North La Cienega Boulevard, which offers a median real estate price of closer to $1,000,000, as compared to the median rate in Loma Vista / Carla Ridge, which falls between 4 and 5 million.

Beverly Hills has a primarily tourism and entertainment-based economy, with much contribution also coming from the Beverly Hills Oil Field. Live Nation Entertainment makes its headquarters in Beverly Hills, and you will also find the headquarters of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. The biggest employer in the city is The Beverly Hilton, which is the home of the annual Golden Globe Awards as well as the Daytime Emmy Awards. The second biggest employer is the City of Beverly Hills. The Beverly Wilshire Hotel is another hotel that employs a large number of workers, and it is the third biggest employer in the city.