59 Homes for Sale in Florissant, CO

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Florissant Home Trends

Stretching across 330 acres, Florissant is a small town nestled in the Rocky Mountains. This rural community rests at an elevation of 8,192 feet, allowing for picturesque views of the mountains, including Pikes Peak. Although Florissant has a population of about 200 residents, the area is slowly growing as more home buyers are looking to leave major cities for secluded retreats with easy access to plenty of parks and trails. Although Florissant has a few traditional houses, the town is known for its rustic cabins, sprawling lodges, and farm properties, all located on acres of land and surrounded by verdant forests. The average home price is about $300,000, trending upward over the next few years. There are several housing developments underway and multiple plots of land available for sale as well. This charming locale provides a quiet escape for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers, but residents enjoying living 34 miles west of Colorado Springs as well, so city amenities are just a short drive away.

Florissant Attractions

The opportunities for outdoor adventure are endless in Florissant. The small town is best known for the Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument. This national park offers a glimpse of prehistoric Colorado, featuring plant and insect fossils and petrified redwood stumps stretching 14 feet across. The park has night sky programs, where visitors can view planets, nebulae, the Milky Way, and other galaxies. Florissant residents also enjoy easy access to miles of trails, natural areas, and state parks. Go fly fishing at the Eleven Mile Canyon Recreation Area or boating at Lake George. The Paradise Cove Swimming Hole Trail is a local favorite and even has a waterfall. Mueller State Park attracts locals and visitors alike for its hiking, biking, and horseback riding trails along Pikes Peak. Learn more about the towering mountain peak at the Pikes Peak Historical Society. Take a day trip and venture to the Manitou Cliff Dwellings, an archeologic gem showcasing a prehistoric Native American civilization, or the Cave of the Winds Mountain Park, where visitors can go spelunking or zip lining. Florissant has a few locally owned restaurants like Iron Tree Restaurant and Brewery and Costello Coffee House.

Florissant Schools

Woodland Park School District Re-2 is a small school system with about 2,500 students and five schools, allowing for more one-on-one instruction. The district has three elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school. Woodland Park School District Re-2 has 125 excellent academic programs including five honors courses, nine Advanced Placement classes, and concurrent enrollment, which allows upper-class students to receive college credit while in high school. Florissant has four private pre-K schools: Paintbrush Learning Center, Blue Mountain Ranch, Sanborn Western Camps DC, and Camp Alexander Day Care. For those seeking opportunities for higher education, Colorado Springs has several colleges and universities including the United States Air Force Academy, Colorado College, the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs, and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

Commuting in Florissant

Although Florissant is a rural area with low traffic, the average commute time is about 26 minutes due to the town’s secluded location. Driving is the primary mode of transportation for traveling to work and Route 24 is the town’s main highway. Commuters can also use taxis when traveling to Colorado Springs. Cripple Creek, which is about 30 minutes south of Florissant, provide bus service to several parts of Teller County. While most of the town’s roads are unpaved, residents enjoy the bucolic nature of the area and can be seen walking or biking to local shops and restaurants. The Colorado Springs Airport provides direct flights to several major cities including Denver, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Houston.