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The Appleton Area School District serves this quaint Wisconsin town with 17 elementary schools, 4 middles schools and 3 high schools. The town also boasts 16 charter schools and three parochial schools: Appleton Christian School, Fox Valley Lutheran High School and the Roman Catholic Xavier High School. Additionally, scholars enjoy access to several colleges including Lawrence University, University of Wisconsin - Fox Valley and Fox Valley Technical College. The area is economically stable and its biggest employers are Thrivent Financial, the Appleton Area School District, Appvicon and Miller Electric. Pierce Manufacturing, SECURA Insurance and a number of other companies base their operations in Appleton. The city has two hospitals: Appleton Medical Center and St. Elizabeth Hospital.

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If you want to see a lovely blanket of snow during the winter, Appleton, Wisconsin is a great place to settle. The area is full of multiple bedroom houses available for rent or purchase. Appleton is the ideal place to build a unique home of your own, because it has an abundance of lots in prime locations. Plus, if you prefer apartments or condos, there are plenty of those properties as well. Whatever you are looking for, you can find it in Appleton.

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