Charlottesville was once the home of United States presidents, James Monroe and Thomas Jefferson. Both men served at the state governor before becoming president. Each year, millions of tourists visit Thomas Jefferson's old home, which is located in the city. In addition, tourists can visit The University of Virginia. This popular college is located in Charlottesville, and it is one of the most historically prominent colleges throughout the country. Many students live in the Charlottesville area while attending school. Charlottesville also has other schools for younger children, including a variety of private schools. There is also an institute for autism, which benefits children in the city and surrounding neighborhoods.

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Homeowners seeking a great place to live often choose Charlottesville, Virginia. With a city motto, 'A great place to live for all of our citizens,' this east coast city is ideal. It is home to nearly 45,000 residents and filled with a variety of homes. There are several affordable homes for sale that are smaller in size. In addition, there are luxury homes and larger residences. Many homes are built on a lot of land and have beautiful yards. Homeowners are also attracted to the architecture in the area.

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