570 Homes For Sale in Franklin, NC

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With front and back porch views lingering on the incredible colors of the Great Smokey Mountains, the appeal of Franklin, North Carolina, is hard to beat. This small mountain town is ideal for those interested in investing in highly sought after land or developments with pristine views and overwhelming potential. The homes of Franklin range from rustic, one story cabins to log mansions in the woods that offer a resort like getaway from it all.

Southern hospitality and welcoming is the way of life in Franklin, and this is evident in its family friendly restaurants, antique stores, and plentiful town and community events. Several waterfalls, including Bridal Veil Falls, dot the area. Still, convenience is essential to the less than 4,000 residents of Franklin, and there is an airport just north of the town for easy access. Many families who live elsewhere in the southeast choose to make Franklin their summer or winter getaway, a beautiful mountain retreat from the city.

As the Gem Capital of the World, Franklin has a claim to fame that permeates its streets and attractions. Plenty of festivals, arts and crafts shows, and events to celebrate the local culture and heritage of the area take place throughout the year, attracting tourists from near and far. The breathtaking views that are everywhere in the surrounding Appalachian Mountains are accessible via many of the hiking trails, paths, and recreational areas that Franklin has to offer. It is considered an Appalachian trail friendly town, and is visited by many long term hikers each year. For those who are passionate about water sports, you will find the fishing, white water rafting, kayaking, and swimming in the town’s beautiful waters unparalleled. And you might even find a precious stone while you’re at it! Many come to the town to mine for stones, hoping to find valuable minerals and precious gems amidst the silt.