113 New Homes For Sale in Gilbert, AZ

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Gilbert, Arizona is a rapidly-growing and increasingly diversified suburb of the greater Phoenix area with much to offer its residents. Homes in this area are rather large and maintain a rather warm yet modern style. These houses typically range from about $200,000 to $400,000, though there are both larger and smaller homes which deviate from this estimate significantly depending on which features a buyer might be searching for.

Gilbert is home to many neighborhoods, which each offer residents its own twist of Arizona charm. Higley, perhaps one of the more high-end communities within the city, offers the perfect place for raising a family, boasting low crime rates and a high volume of school-aged children, a feature which often means that a more tight-knit neighborhood may be found. Chandler Heights, like many of the neighborhoods within Gilbert, Arizona, is home to a selection of wealthy individuals, part of the reason that the city ranks overall in the top 15% of communities with the highest income in America. Many of the homes in these neighborhoods are new, but in many communities (such as Sonora Town) the houses are of an established age but not old, having been built between 1970 and 1999. These neighborhoods are home to many historical sites such as the Tone building and Creed building, which are included in the National Register of Historic Places.

Gilbert, Arizona hosts many jobs in a wide variety of fields. The most popular industries are the health and education industries, with the former providing over 3,000 jobs to the public and the latter offering residents over 2,000 occupation opportunities at various locations. Government employment opportunities are also popular in this area, giving residents plenty of space to become involved in the local politics and make their mark on the formation of the city surrounding themselves. A wide variety of retail positions are also available, ensuring that individuals of all experience and educational backgrounds can find employment. This variety ensures that Gilbert is a balanced city with much to offer, and can become the perfect place to call home for anyone.