18 Condos For Sale in Hampton, VA

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Nestled within the Hampton Roads metropolitan area in southeastern Virginia, Hampton lies along the inland side of the entrance to the Chesapeake Bay from the Atlantic Ocean. By land it borders Newport News and across the water are Norfolk and Virginia Beach. Colonial style 4-bedroom houses and early 20th Century family homes are popular, as well as modest communities built to accommodate the nearby military and government workers.

There are a wide variety of communities in Hampton, but no matter where you go, you are never far from the water. Mercury Central boasts a stable housing market, high graduation rates and lots of local amenities, making it the highest ranked community in Hampton. The most common type of housing in Mercury Central is the condo, with many new constructions being built to fit the Colonial architecture of their predecessors. These units range from $160,000 to $250,000, depending on size and proximity to water views. Downtown Hampton has a low cost of living and access to a variety of amenities. Gorgeous historic homes houses sit along the Hampton River, from modest 2-bedroom mid-century constructions to 4- and 5-bedroom houses in a stately Southern style. Like most well established coastal and river towns, the closer you are to the water, the more money you will likely have to pay.

The job market in Hampton is very retail-driven. Wholesale trade and tourism also dominate the top part of the market. Many residents seek employment in Virginia’s nearby cities, such as Norfolk, Virginia Beach and Chesapeake. There is a small local healthcare system that employs thousands of people, but overall the market is not as varied and lucrative as in the surrounding areas. If customer service is your forte, you will have no trouble finding employment in Hampton, but for more profitable and permanent careers, a look into the surrounding area could be beneficial.