Step 4How to Decide on the Ideal Location

Where Do You Want to Live?

First, understand where you want to live, then use internet listing websites, such, to help make your search process easier. Looking online can be beneficial because it is quick and easy, plus it shows more property listings and details including some with online video tours to help you see the apartment ahead of time. Also, try to get an estimate of commute time to work and walking distances to restaurants and entertainment.

Read location-specific articles to find out more about each location, fitness options, coffee shop selections and restaurant choices. Tap into your network of family and friends for apartment community or rental home recommendations. Ask about positive and negative experiences so you can be fully informed. Asking for advice from knowledgeable friends and other renters will only help you make better choices on your hunt for the perfect home.

Rental properties vary considerably, and costs of renting apartments, condos and houses can also span 1,000s of dollars. Doing your research upfront, with an eye to affordability is key to not only narrowing down your choices but also enjoying your new home.

How to be Realistic About Affordability

Be informed – issues may happen while renting an apartment or home, such as maintenance problems, noisy neighbors, etc.

Problems are to be expected and easily adjusted; you just need to be prepared. Create a checklist of what you do and don’t want in a rental, and take that checklist with you on your tours. The more research you’ve done, the more prepared you will be for this process.

  • Moving is expensive; therefore, start off right by finding an apartment or rental home that you can see yourself living in for years to come.
  • Pay attention to details when taking a tour of the apartment or rental home. Keep in mind that moving involves moving furniture, and not all furniture will fit through every doorway.
  • Consider factors such as distance to work, friends, and family. The Rental App allows you to do this right from your mobile phone. Download the app!
  • Plan ahead and keep in mind whether or not you might need space down the road for a roommate, or could monetize your home through crowdsourcing services.
  • Most importantly… know your budget and costs involved. Finding the home you love then finding you can’t afford it is the worst scenario in the home rental process.

Visit Areas & Neighborhoods

If you’re moving near to where you currently live, or you’re moving for work or other opportunities, you may want to invest time, money and energy into visiting the general area where you’re relocating and scout out different neighborhoods for alignment with work, play and local services.

Your online research may give you some great insights into affordable areas, but walking around those locations may bring either a reality check or a relief that the online information is incorrect or a perfect description.