Step 8How to do a Rental Property Walk-Through

How to Finalize Your Rental

Always do a walk-through before signing a lease to your new place. Once you sign the lease, do another walk-through. Review the light fixtures, plumbing, and everything in between. Note any dings, stains, or broken items. This is a crucial part of the move-in process as you do not want to be held responsible for those damages if you decide to move out. This also prevents any surprises on move-in day.

Once you’re settled in, be proactive in getting to know your neighbors and community.

Set Up!

Call the local electric, heating, and water company a few days in advance to set up these utilities. If you don’t know, ask your property owner or leasing agent to assist you with the contact information for these companies. Ask what the typical monthly cost for the area is based on square footage and occupants. See if the companies provide plans to balance out costs during months when it is very hot or very cold. This will help reduce high costs during peak months.

Power Up!

If your property owner or apartment community does not have a preference in internet and cable providers, contact local providers for quotes that fit your budget. Be ready to purchase or rent any equipment needed, such as a router, if the internet provider does not supply such accessories.

Clean Up!

Consider a deep clean before unpacking your new home. Most property owners and apartment communities will do a clean-up before you move in but it can’t hurt to be thorough. The place is completely empty – therefore, now would be an ideal time.

Before running to the store to buy things for your new home, unpack your boxes completely. This will allow you to know exactly what you do and do not have, making the assembly of your shopping list a little easier.