1,378 Homes For Rent in Indianapolis, IN

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If you are planning a move to Indianapolis and wondering which area is right for you, consider what you like best about living in a city. For those who love history and charm, east of downtown Indianapolis is Chatham Arch, where you’ll find irregular, winding streets with mid-19th century origins. If you’re more of a culture buff, Carmel is a popular commuter city with a new design and art district, a water park and a bicycle trail that stretches all the way downtown.

Indianapolis is an affordable, major metropolitan area at the center of a rich agricultural region. The state’s emphasis on education, food and consumer products plays a large role in keeping the cost of living down in Indianapolis. Indianapolis is working vigorously to revitalize and preserve its numerous historic neighborhoods, while sustaining an environment that’s profitable for tourism and business. With its six formally designated cultural regions, the city is also home to the best in professional sports, including the Colts and Pacers. Of course, Indianapolis hosts the Indy 500, the biggest single-day racing event in the world at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The climate is humid, similar to most Midwestern cities, with four distinct seasons, and residents will tell you that spring and autumn are the most beautiful times of the year.