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Derived from the Spanish word for mountain, Montana is the fourth largest state in our nation. Conversely, it ranks 48th in population density. Mostly an agricultural state, Montana's economy also depends upon the mining industry as well as tourism. Government and healthcare-related jobs are also important sectors. Rental homes in the state range from multiplex apartment communities to sprawling ranch homes on private acreage.

Montana is split, east and west, by the Continental Divide. The Northern Rocky Mountains are located in the western region of the state along with over 100 other named mountain ranges. Approximately 60 percent of the state is part of the Northern Great Plains. The northwest corner of the state is called Glacier Country while the northeast area is called Missouri River Country. The central southern region is aptly named the Yellowstone area and is home to Billings, the largest city in the state. Billings is the county seat of Yellowstone County. The city is rapidly growing while its economy demonstrates strength. Billings has earned the nickname "Magic City" due to its fast growth. It also has one of the largest trade areas in the country, connecting most of the state with the western regions of North and South Dakota as well as Northern Wyoming. Being a retail mecca for the same wide area, Billings, along with neighboring cities Laurel and Huntley, often play host to rallies, festivals, conventions, and other events.

Montana is an outdoor adventurer's paradise. You have a wide range of choices when it comes to having fun in Montana. You can take a dip in a hot springs pool, go camping, or sign up for a motorcycle tour. Attend the Shakespeare Festival or see where William Clark (of Lewis and Clark) carved his name into a rock named Pompey's Pillar. There's everything from rugged mountain biking to spending time at a real Dude Ranch. Horseback riding, rock climbing, and golf offer even more ways to enjoy the wide open spaces of Montana.

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