371 Homes for Sale in Pawleys Island, SC

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Pawleys Island Home Trends

Resting on the barrier island with which it shares a name, Pawley’s Island is one of the more secluded coastal communities on South Carolina’s coast. This quiet town features both impressive new beach homes and more subdued coastal cottages. Locals love Pawley’s Island for its emphasis on fostering a close-knit beach community. You won’t find many high-rise condos or sprawling commercial complexes here. Instead, the locals enjoy their sheltered homes and relatively serene beaches. There are fewer than 100 residents that live full-time on the island since South Carolina’s coastal islands are typically vacation spots. Whether you choose to live farther north near the mouth of Pawley’s Island Creek or near the beach access close to the historic district, you’ll find most homes follow a similar theme of being built on stilts with expansive porches, but there’s a ton of variety in terms of color and form. The median home price is just over $400,000.

Pawleys Island Attractions

Most of the attractions in Pawleys Island revolve around its geographic features, namely the beach and the creek. On the Atlantic Ocean side, you’ll find stretches of sand and surf that are typically not as crowded as many other locales that are part of the Grand Strand. On the inland waters of Pawleys Island Creek are prime fishing, crabbing, and clamming spots that are fruitful for most of the year. Locals also love to paddleboard or kayak around the calm creek water and explore the surrounding marshlands. Those looking to tee off can hit the Caledonia Golf and Fish Club or Heritage Golf Club, both of which are across the creek and farther inland, closer to the Waccamaw River and Litchfield. Just across the creek on Highway 17 sits plenty of local dining options serving up seafood, burgers, cold drinks, and much more.

Pawleys Island Schools

You won’t find any schools directly on the island. Most educational institutions are located just off Highway 17 on the mainland or off Kings River Road. Schooling is overseen by Georgetown County District 01. Within a short drive students have access to a preparatory school, an elementary school, a high school, and a Montessori school. Waccamaw High School and Lowcountry Preparatory School are two particular standouts of the nearby schooling options. The closest university is Coastal Carolina University, about 28 miles or a 45-minute drive northeast. Coastal Carolina University offers more than 100 majors under its baccalaureate program. There are 28 master's degree programs, two educational specialist degrees, and doctoral programs in marine science and education.

Commuting in Pawleys Island

Myrtle Avenue and Atlantic Avenue are the island’s two major roads. Myrtle Avenue connects to Highway 17 via Causeway Road, and the highway will ferry residents along the coast with relative ease. On the island, many residents get around via golf cart or bike, but for inland errands or a work commute, a car is a must. There isn’t much in the way of public transit on Pawleys Island, but the island’s total area measures just under a square mile, so it’s a breeze to walk or bike from one end to another. Myrtle Beach International Airport is nearly 25 miles up the coast, convenient for frequent flyers and travelers.