333 Homes For Sale in Prescott Valley, AZ

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Prescott Valley, Arizona was one of the fastest growing cities in the United State and Arizona during the 1990s. Today, this city in Yavapai County is home to approximately 42,000 residents. The city is located east of Prescott, and it is filled with several beautiful homes. There are homes for sale at multiple price ranges and styles, and many of the homes available are very luxurious.

The city is located in central Arizona, and it is 85 miles from Phoenix. It has an elevation of 5100 feet, and it is filled with unique landmarks. One of the top landmarks in the area is Glassford Hlil, which was once an active volcano. This volcano used to be part of the city’s communication systems. Prescott Valley also has Fitzmaurice Ruins with artifacts that are 14,000 years old. These landmarks and the rich history of the area make Prescott Valley an appealing place to live. Most of the residents work for companies in the area including Lockheed Martin, MI Windows and Doors, and Yavapai Regional Medical Center.

Today, Prescott is a popular tourist destination. Many people visit the area because it is close to the Prescott National Forest. This beautiful park of Arizona has lakes for fishing, mountains for hiking, and is a wonderful spot for camping. In addition, Prescott Valley has an exciting downtown area that is filled with entertainment. There are several restaurants in this part of the city and a large events center. Prescott also has a local hockey and football team. During the last several years, the city has added substantial improvements. One of the key features includes a large library. There are also newly developed medical facilities, including a rehabilitation hospital. Arizona residents seeking a beautiful, quiet place to live often consider Prescott Valley. There are many affordable and high quality homes in this area of the country, making it a wonderful place to buy a home.