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Keller Williams Realty NYC Grp 2300 Eastchester Road, Bronx, NY 10469
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We are first time home buyers. We used a referral our banker gave us and it was a great referral. We went in stating what were looking for, which helped in my opinion. I recommend this because it definitely gave Julia and Greg an idea of what to show us and saved both our time. Julia and Greg were very attentive, answered all my calls, texts and emails. Julia was honest and sincere every time she needed to be. Even with challenging availability schedules that we all have we made it work and found our new home. - Lizette – Gregory Tsougranis
Very pleasant to work with, very responsible and punctual, knows what he is doing, real asset for his company. Has good negotiating skills, honest and straight forward man. - Rafael – Gregory Tsougranis
Gregory and his associate Julia were very professional since the moment we have contacted them. We have received all kind of very useful suggestions during each step of this process and we are very happy with the results. They have guided us since day one, take care of any detail, answer our calls, resolved our doubts, and contacted every person involved in this project when necessary. Because their professionalism we highly recommend their service for anyone who is ready to buy a house, you won't be disappointed. - Wilber – Gregory Tsougranis
What can I say, Team Tsougranis had our house sold in short order at a great price. This was our 2nd time using team Tsougranis. Very pleased on both occasions. - Mary Ann – Gregory Tsougranis
Greg and Julia were knowledgeable, friendly, and always available when I had a question or issue. Since they work as a team, there was always someone to walk me through every step of the process who was deeply invested in my purchase. They were recommend to me by a friend who was pleased by their work and I would recommend them as well because I was just as pleased. - Caroline – Gregory Tsougranis
Very professional very informative really a nice person makes you feel like you have a family member who's a real estate agent looking out for your best interest and getting the job done selling your property. - Luis Catanda – Gregory Tsougranis
My experience with Mr. and Mrs. Tsougranis has been rewarding and exciting! I am a first time home owner and the process was easy for me with the Tsougranis on my team. They both have your interest and satisfaction as their primary goal and getting the best home you can afford. They are not the kind of agents that try to encourage you to purchase something out of your range or push anything on you! They listen to your needs and wants and try to show you homes in your price range that you qualify for. They are honest and good people. Everyone knows that some agents are just out to sell a house quickly to make a buck but team Tsougranis not only make a buck but they care about you and work really hard to help their customers find their dream home and I am very grateful and happy that they helped me and my family find our dream home! Give them a try you won't regret it! – Deirdra – Gregory Tsougranis
I called Gregory and Julia on a Thursday and got started on the process of getting into one of the rental units they represented. Due to my job and the timeline I had to move in we had to get everything in order very quickly. Both Greg and Julia were extremely professional and responsive in relaying information between myself and the landlord. Overall, the entire process went smoothly and I would definitely recommend both of them to anyone moving to the area and looking for an agent to help them through the process. - Spencer – Gregory Tsougranis
Gregory is extremely knowledgeable about the neighborhoods he serves and was very helpful in guiding me through how the purchase process works. He was also helpful in recommending attorneys, inspectors and other professionals. - Deborah – Gregory Tsougranis
Thanks to Gregory my partner and I now have a beautiful apartment which is within our budget. I remember in the beginning of our search I was so frustrated because I wanted to find an apt. that made me feel like, "this is the one". Gregory told me not to rush things and I will find the apartment I was searching for. Boy, was he right. I am super excited and love my new apartment. I recommend Gregory to everyone. Remember, you just have to tell him your budget and he will find you the perfect living place. Contacting Gregory was a breeze. No matter what, he is always available. My 2 son's, my spouse and I are all grateful and happy to have met Gregory. He is now more than the Realtor, He is a friend. THANKS GREGORY!! - Alexandra – Gregory Tsougranis
The service I received from Gregory was exemplary in every way. This sale was more complex than most, and he was always patient and understanding. He was able to get me my full asking price, which in and of itself was something I thought was not going to be possible. He goes far beyond what is expected of a realtor. For example, he took it upon himself to fix a few issues while I was relocating to Florida from NYC. He also made it possible for the handyman to wait to be paid from the closing proceeds so I would not have to have any out-of pocket expenses. Above all, he is a genuinely cordial, friendly and respectful man and it would be in anyone's best interests to avail themselves of his talents. I will most definitely recommend him to anyone who needs to buy or sell property. Thank you for all your hard work, Gregory! - Frankie – Gregory Tsougranis
Greg exceeded expectations at every level. He helped me plan a building wide renovation program and leased the units to responsible tenants who treat the building respectfully. - Daniel – Gregory Tsougranis
Greg was very professional and responsive. He helped set expectations and helped my get the best value for my home and the type of tenant that would take care of my home. He knows how to move things along. He was on top of any potential snag before it became and issue and guided me through the process, so everything went as smoothly as possible. Greg is honest and forthright, two qualities that should be valued above all because when looking for a tenant/buyer for a seller, he match-makes the pairs to find a win-win combo. As someone who worked with Greg once when I was buying and now to rent out my home while a growth opportunity keeps me away, I value his expertise, savviness, and professionalism greatly. - Shanan – Gregory Tsougranis
Mr. Gregory Tsougranis is one of the most diligent, honest, trustworthy, dependable, cooperative and extremely reliable agent I had the pleasure of working with to have my building sold. In my experience with Mr. Tsougranis, I think he went above and beyond to make sure I got a fair price and my property was sold within a reasonable amount of time on the market. He worked hard with the open houses, appointments with prospective buyers, and his determination to get the property sold. He was highly recommended by me and I will refer him to others. - Joan – Gregory Tsougranis
During the last 7 years I have been looking for a house in the area of Pelham gardens. We didn't know Gregory personally until 3 years ago when we first met him showing us one of the houses in the area. He did show to us dozens of homes during the winter or summer, in the cold or rain. He never stopped informing and helping us. He is a real expert, honest and very supportive person. We strongly recommend Gregory as a real estate expert to everyone looking to buy a house. Based on our experience we guarantee you will be very happy. – Doreida & Pellumb – Gregory Tsougranis
It's a roller coaster of ups and downs but thanks to the Gregory and Julia our dream has come true of owning our first home we are very grateful they fought for us they can do the same for you! - Alexandra – Gregory Tsougranis
Gregory helped me and my fiance find our investment property/ home. We were first time home buyers and were uncomfortable at first to go in to the market with no knowledge. Having had other attempts in finding a realtor and not having any luck. We met with Gregory and discussed our concerns that we had previously with other realtors. He assured us his professionalism and level of experience would not leave room for those issues. The same day we sat with him he was on the phone making appointments for us. we found a home in less than 30 Days and closed within 3 months. He was very patient with us even though it may have been hard. We do appreciate all you have done for us Gregory. - Melissa & Natasha – Gregory Tsougranis
Helped us sell an estate home. Gave us honest opinions on what we needed to do and was there every step of the way from listing the home, to getting a buyer within a very short period of time and was with us at closing! Would definitely use Gregory Tsougranis again! - Tom & Mary Ann – Gregory Tsougranis
Gregory was the best real estate agent I have ever dealt with . His knowledge and professionalism in real estate were unbelievable. I would recommend mister Gregory to anybody who is in the process of selling their home . Mister Tsougranis and his wife Julia make truly a winning team. - Vincent & Grace – Gregory Tsougranis
Greg is a very helpful person and always took my calls. He guided me through the whole process. He knew a lot of people in the business and helped me close on my apartment on time. - Assemblywoman Joynor – Gregory Tsougranis
Cheerful and knowledgeable a great resource in the real estate field. He has been helping me find my new home here in the Bronx. Sends me lots of resources banking contacts, to finance my home. He also has given me advice on why of different property types like a single home vs multiple dwelling vs keeping my current condo or selling it. He has been influential my selection of a home. I enjoy having him as my agent and won't blink to recommend him to anyone. - Angie – Gregory Tsougranis
Greg has consistently gone above and beyond for me. He is extremely knowledgeable about the area, savvy, personable, and (thankfully) has been my confidant at many a turn when I needed him. I am grateful for his help and I highly recommend him! - Anne – Gregory Tsougranis
Very knowledgeable and professional easy to deal with, goes above and beyond.He really listens to clients preferences and concerns when it comes to price, neighborhoods, schools, amenities etc. I highly recommend Gregory. Thanks again! - Dean R. – Gregory Tsougranis
I worked with Gregory for nearly a year trying to find the right house. He was not my first agent, but was the agent I changed to because I was so impressed when I met him at one of his listings. I was looking for a multifamily building to live in but I also had very specific criteria that any future building I would buy had to meet. Gregory is extremely knowledgeable about the Bronx. He was able to educate me about neighborhoods and showed me numerous buildings that met my criteria. Gregory is also well connected. He has been doing this for a long time. He was even able to get me in to see my first choice building even though it was off of the market and already had an accepted offer. He was able to find out that no contracts had yet been signed and convinced the selling agent to show it to me. I was able to make a better offer and bought that house which I now live in. There is no better real estate professional in the Bronx than Gregory Tsougranis. - Christian – Gregory Tsougranis
Greg Tsougranis has been excellent! He was extremely on top of all of the details of our co-op apartment sale, and was very persistent about pushing the deal forward despite several obstacles. He has an outstanding work ethic. I can't imagine working with a better broker! - Thor & Magnus – Gregory Tsougranis
I have just recently closed on my first property in which Mr. Tsougranis was more than instrumental in helping me find and secure. It was a pleasure to work with Mr. Tsourganis. He is professional, courteous, has a great work ethic and his ability to follow up on matters that present themselves along the way in the process of purchasing a property is phenomenal. I would highly recommend Mr. Tsougranis to anyone inn the market to buying property. Last but certainly not least, he ensures you understand the process as well as assist with any challenges you may experience as a first time home buyer. Mr. Tsourgranis does not disappoint. - Betsy – Gregory Tsougranis
I'm a first time home buyer and I can honestly say Gregory and Julia Egorova were really helpful in helping me find my home. I am very please with their service. they were very patient and professional throughout the whole process. I will definitely recommend them to my friends and family. - Yokasta – Gregory Tsougranis
I worked with Julia Egorova and she was the best from day one. She helped with the mortgage broker, to find an inspector, an attorney everything we need to get to our final closing date. We had many ups and downs and we're giving up at some point but Julia was always positive and reassure us that we could buy our perfect first home and she did the impossible. We are so happy with everything. - Veronica – Gregory Tsougranis
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