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With you Every Step of the Way! I enjoy being part of the process of helping clients attain their goals & dreams. This is a life long relationship I like to build with all my clients!How do you help buyers to find the right properties for them?I like to really get to know what their specific needs are & then from there we assess their wants. I am a SoCal native with a true interest in making my clients as successful and happy as I possibly can in a process that can be filled with emotions.How do you make sure buyers get the best price for the property they are interested in?By gathering all the relevant information available to derive the most defendable offer possible. Because market rules, the question can also be, How do I make sure my clients get the home they want with all the competition? Price aggressively! Make an aggressive offer that will beat out the competition!What do you do to help market the properties your clients are selling?By offering a wide selection of marketing campaigns, I can tailor the most effective strategies for each home I market.How do you ensure your sellers get the highest price?Trust. Clients can trust that I will not let them "over-price" and shoot themselves in the foot. My colleagues trust in me that what I present is always of good value and sound pricing, so their clients can be confident of any offers they decide to put forth.What do you recommend sellers do to make sure their selling process is smooth?Each seller is unique and that answer will depend on the circumstances at hand. I also let them know from the get go some of the possible bumps & turbulence that may occur so they know what to expect along the way. Hoping for a smooth transaction but preparing them for any roughness along the way.

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Real Estate Office 1181 CALIFORNIA AVE., #160, Corona, CA 92881
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Shahla's most recent endorsements

“That was nice working experience working with Shahla, She is great Real Estate Consultant. i appreciate her business. She is very professional on the task which she assigned to me, i really enjoyed working with her….. The way she write about the task that’s awesome and the way when she asked about my self that’s like family member.” - Mehboob Khan August 24, 2009 – User Review
“Shahla, Is a result oriented ambitious person. She is always looking for ways to improve herself and others around her. She is truly a team player and brings out the best in everyone around her.” - Saman Bakhtiar January 5, 2010 – User Review
“Shahla is one of the most conscientious and dedicated Realtors I have worked with. She really cares for her clients and it shows going above and beyond for them to ensure their satisfaction above all else. Shahla continues to learn her trade and is constantly taking continuation education classes in her spare time to gain more knowledge. Shahla is a Realtor I would want working for me on my purchase or sale.” - Jack Ritoli November 4, 2011 – User Review
“Shahla is a very knowledgeable Real Estate Agent. I worked with her at Keller Williams Realty Chino Hills , Ca. Shahla has an excellent background within the real estate industry and prides herself on understanding the client’s needs/wants with uncompromising attention to detail in order to help the client reach its investment goals.” - Chris Ross November 5, 2011 – User Review
“I enjoy working with Shahla, continue to be friends. We attend Work Shops together and refer clients to each other if we can’t service the client at the time. She is a detail and caring professional. She care about her clients, and always put them before her personal need. I would trust her any day to be my back up helper.” - Willa Hines November 6, 2011 – User Review
“Shahla is rare!!! In this day and time, with customer service not being as impressive as it once was, with the exception of the few people left who ar passionate, Shahla is that person. She has not only helped me, but my family as well. On more than one occasion. We were, and still are very satisfied with her services, and I support her 1000%!!! Seats” -Eric L. Seats August 2, 2012 – User Review
“Shahla will find your needs and do her upmost to get you the final results” - Edy Salamat April 17, 2013 – User Review
I have known Shahla for several years. She brought us a client for one of our rental homes in Pomona area about 4 years ago.. She is very professional, very pleasant to work with and very detailed. Ever since then, shahla has leased many of our rental homes. She is a very good real estate agent and I would highly recommend her.” - Rick Garcia – User Review
“Shahla was introduced to me through another agent in early part of August 2013 and I am so happy that she was my real estate agent because I had very tight schedule to take a look at properties that I need to see but she accommodate her schedule even late evening to meet my schedule. Thanks to her great deal of effort, I did find a perfect home that I was looking for in middle of August and I know I could never find one without her help. When you are looking for the house for yourself and your family, I would strongly recommend that you should contact Shahla Salamat. She is the best real estate agent that I know.” -Toshiko K. 09/13/2013 – User Review
“I had a wonderful experience with Shahla Salamat! She was very curious and very much attended to my needs. She came up with several suggestions as to what I wanted and took the time to listen to what I thought I needed. We made a great team. I loved the areas she showed me. I could tell she took the time to find the best for me. Since I lived alone, she had some suggestions for that too, where I felt really safe. Shahla is the best! Trust her for your needs in finding that home or selling your home. She is a very personable person and easy to work with.” -Sylvia Seats September 14, 2013 – User Review
“Shahla Salamat was an exceptional Real Estate Agent. She made the whole Short Sale process a breeze and was always very considerate. She has become like family to us. We couldn’t have asked for a better agent than Shahla. Shahla went above and beyond the call of duty. She does her research, is a hard worker, and very committed to solving our short sale problems. When I am in the market again, any agent I chose will always be compared to Shahla, and I doubt will ever measure up. I just hope she might decide to work the OC area one day.” - The Saucedo’s September 14, 2013 ( – User Review
“Shahla Salamat worked very hard on our behalf…Responses to our inquiries were followed up on immediately. She showed creativity in her attempts to advertise and expand upon the market, and invited other realtors in to tap into their cultural experiences to enhance market sales potential. She could be trusted to conduct business in a highly professional manner and with the highest ethical standards.” - The Smith’s September 14, 2013 – User Review
“Shahla Salamat worked very hard on our behalf…Responses to our inquiries were followed up on immediately. She showed creativity in her attempts to advertise and expand upon the market, and invited other realtors in to tap into their cultural experiences to enhance market sales potential. She could be trusted to conduct business in a highly professional manner and with the highest ethical standards.” - The Smith’s September 14, 2013 – User Review
“Shahla made our transition from Michigan very effortless she treated us as if we were family and was very receptive to all our needs, very knowledgeable and professional, and a blessing. Thank You Again and Welcome to our Family” - The Sherman’s September 14, 2013 – User Review
“On behalf of Shahla Salamat, she knew just what find for me. Also she responded immediately, and did not hesitate to put herself in front of the situation to insure it was what i needed. Shahla’s knowledge of properties were persise and to the point, as it dealt with neighborhoods, and prices, she never tried to force something on me that i couldnt afford. I wouldnt choose anyone else when it comes to real estate wether buying, selling, or rentals. Shahla is an expert in the real estate industry. - Sheena McClain September 15, 2013 – User Review
“Ms. Shahla Salamat, is truly a professional. She’s a very hands on Realtor. She made a commitment to rent my rental property and I was very pleased with the out come. Having Shahla as my Realtor I was able to rest knowing that I could rely on her, she was there whenever I needed her. It was truly a pleasure working with Shahla. If I ever need a realtor again, Shahla is my #1 pick.” - Judy Howard September 28, 2013 – User Review
Shahla worked very diligently to help us find the perfect rental home. Although we were not able to find an agent listed home she did go out of her way to take us to every possible rental we asked. I would not hesitate to call on her again in the time of need! Thank you Shahla! - ?Happy Renters? October 03, 2013 – User Review
Extreme professionalism and knowledgeable about the real-estate industry.. Shahla is a results driven professional, and will meet your realty needs above and beyond. If your looking for a home to buy or rent Call Shahla for the best possible match and the best possible deal. -Big Kim October 05, 2013 – User Review
Shahla helped me in my time of need to find an apartment within my price range. Although we were 30 minutes apart in distance, in the drop of the dime she dropped what she was doing to help me. In terms of her knowledge of Real Estate and interpersonal skills there is no one better and for the rest of my life I will choose no one else for my Real Estate needs. -Amir S. October 05, 2013 – User Review
Shahla helped my husband and I learn the whole buying process. She's the type of person to drop whatever it is she's doing to really go above and beyond to answer any questions. She isn't the type of real estate agent who's out to make a quick buck she truly cares about her clients. We weren't ready to buy just yet but she helped guide us to take the necessary steps to be able to purchase a home in the future. She's very friendly and knowledge. When we're ready she would be the only person we would call for all of our real estate needs. -Monique G. October 05, 2013 – User Review
I can't say enough nice words about Shahla! She helped me find my first home. In today's competitive environment it's very important to have a Realtor who can show you a home at a moment's notice, and Shahla always did that when I needed her. She also was very honest about a home and the positives and negatives. She "gets it" that a house is a home and searching and buying is an emotional experience. She certainly makes it tolerable. Home buying is draining, but her cheerful personality and knowledge made is so much easier. I highly recommend her. -V. Sukovaty October 06, 2013 – User Review
After working with several different realtors searching for a rental for me I met Shahla! I wish I would have met her first. Shahla new what I was looking for and immediatly found several houses in my area and met me with complete portfolios on those properties. She set up appointments for me and delt with the other realtors representing those properties to make it smooth and easy to view those properties. Any concerns I had about owners of properties or history she investigated for me with all results shown to me on paper. I new she came from Chino to Riverside to help me and made no quams about her travel. I found Shahla very professional and pleasant to work with. Ultimatly she helped me find the home perfect for our family that we are now in! Thank You Shahla for your dedication and determination to help us find our home. - ?Satified Client? October 09, 2013 – User Review
I meet Shahla and she was able to show me several listing that fit my families needs. The process before meeting her was so stressful but once she was there she was able to take the stress away and find us our home. Definitely a great realtor would recommend her to all friends and family. - ?Happy Client? October 15, 2013 – User Review
It was absolutely wonderful. She was available for us whenever we needed her and she found us exactly what we wanted. She showed us some homes and then she showed us some more. She never seemed irritated or bothered by driving around. She wanted to make sure we were happy and satisfied. We love her!!! - ?Satified Client? November 6, 2013 ( – User Review
Hey Shahla, I am the owner of 30 Castletree. I messaged you on Facebook too because I wanted to be sure you received my comments. I appreciated your buyers/you writing up an honest and thoughtful offer. The polite and considerate tone was very nice. I hope your buyers find their dream home and you continue to provide fair representation. God Bless, Guy Keep on being honest and providing great service…those are the keys to success. -Guy Swentek December 2, 2013 – User Review
Hi Shahla, (facebook) I am the owner of 30 Castletree. Thank you for being so genuine and sweet. You are honest and I appreciate that. I'm sure you will do the best for your buyers. They appear to be great people too. I enjoyed reading your buyers' first offer. It was "moving"! God Bless. – User Review
Shahla is amazing ,-). She treats every transaction with the same care as if it were here own. -Staci Young Berry December 21, 2013 – User Review
“Shahla was such a rockstar during our first home buying experience! Without her assistance we wouldn’t be in our dream home today! We had a great experience and hope to be able to use her in the future for our next home buying opportunity! “We began our home journey a little over a year ago, with every step of the way being a bit frustrating. For every bid we put in on a home , we were out bid. Shahla was with us every step of the way , giving us pep talks when we wanted to quit. We viewed so many homes , and fell in love with these homes. When are hearts were broken, Val was there for us. Angelica and I are survivors of the mortgage meltdown. We both lost our homes 6 years ago. Valerie helped us be home owners once again. Every step of the way Shahla was the there for us, to help us achieve our dreams and regain our dignity. Thank you, Shahla soooo much, you are not just our realtor for life, your now part of our family”. “Valerie, You were so awesome giving up so much of your time as there were not a lot of homes available in the areas we wanted with the size we needed and we continually went out looking two or three times a week for several weeks. We would go online and find something that just got listed and text you to go see the property. You were very patient with us. After looking at many properties and making offers on several, we found a perfect home to fit our area of choice and size needed. It was truly a wonderful experience working with you. We had many laughs along the way and have built a very special friendship. We will definitely refer you to our friends and family wanting to purchase a home. ” - Matt and Katie Meares – User Review
“Valerie at Southern California Realty Associates recently helped me sell my condo in Claremont. She did an open house and sold it to the third person who looked at it. I was very happy about the quick sale and not having to deal with a lot of people coming though my home. She has recently helped me purchase another home in Chino Hills. It is exactly what I wanted and she has been there every step of the way to help with the process. She is very knowledgeable and responds quickly when I contact her by phone or email. I have recommended her to many of my friends and co-workers and will continue to do so. She is a fabulous realtor who really knows her business and cares about her clients.” - Eleanor McCartan – User Review
“Valerie Pestana was a great asset in helping with my purchase. My husband and I knew that we wanted to make an investment, but were not sure of what kind. We considered a rental property near our home, a mountain cabin or a condo near the beach. Valerie gave us access to multiple listings in all areas and took me out to see several properties. When we finally decided on the beach condo, Valerie was incredibly accommodating. She made sure we saw available properties right away so that we wouldn’t miss out on a great deal….And we didn’t!! We love our little get-away and are so grateful for Valerie’s help. I would recommend this knowledgeable, attentive and honest realtor to anyone.” - Lorraine A. – User Review
Very helpful with all your Real Estate needs!!! Hector M. Cristerna May 20, 2014 – User Review
"I’ve had the great pleasure of knowing Shahla for many years now, she has the finest abilities to handle finding the home of your dreams – she has a heart of gold – will never disappoint you in any way - pays attention to your needs – will fight for the best deal and look out for your families wellbeing in general – its refreshing to know a woman like her – not one of those just looking to make a fast buck – or push you into a home you don’t really like – like stated before – she is one of a kind – will not disappoint you – and has a wonderful heart – Shahla, thank you for all you do for so many – you are truly one of Gods gifts to many" -Robert McIllwain May 20, 2014 – User Review
I have been working with Shahla for a few weeks now, and am confident that she will continue to provide valuable assistance throughout the process making finding my new home easier and less of a headache. -Michael Rhodes May 20, 2014 – User Review
Shahla has gone above and beyond to help meet my needs. She has alway been honest and fair when asked question about the area in which a house was shown. I would highly recommend her to any of my family and friends. -Sonny Gonzales May 20, 2014 – User Review
She was terrific! I told her I already had an agent but wasn't finding many homes with my agent. She very thoughtfully offered to send daily messages that matched perfectly to my needs. She'd did exactly that. I was able to see many more homes and more quickly than the other sites. In fact, I found our new home one day after it went on the market. Through her emails. I would recommend my closest friends and family to Shahla! Considering everything she did for me, despite knowing she couldn't be our agent, I can just imagine how hard she would work as our agent. Shahla, again I can't thank you enough for your help! -Sandy Scott May 20,2014 – User Review
Shahla and Valerie are a great team. They communicate in great length with both the seller and the buyer. We had a very nice experience with them viewing properties and eventually purchasing our home. I would recommend them highly. -The Damon Family May 20, 2014 – User Review
Shahla Salamat is a super sweet and talented person who can take information about yourself and find you exactly the house that fits you and your family's needs. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a home or future home.....she helped me and my family out and took her time and anyone who does want her as a realtor should have patience because finding a place isn't easy -J. Barzotti May 20, 2014 – User Review
Shahla is a great person and agent. She keeps you informed throughout the process, and is always negotiating on your behalf to ensure that she closes the deal and her clients are satisfied!! Great professional and good person to know. Thanks Shahla!! -Bryce and Aya May 20, 2014 – User Review
Shahla is very professional and takes action immediately always keeping in mind the needs and desires of her clients. She continuously updates you with new information and most important keeps communication open for questions or concerns. Shahla is the real estate agent that everyone should have the opportunity to work with since her service is professional, friendly and charismatic. Please don't hesitate in allowing her the opportunity to serve you! -Araceli Perez May 23, 2014 – User Review
Shahla was extremely helpful in helping my family find a rental property after our long move from Tennessee to California. It was stressful to say the least but Shahla took the initiative and played a vital role in pushing our application for the rental home we wanted!!! Recommend her for all your real estate needs! She works around the clock for all her clients. -Michael S. June 11, 2014 – User Review
They are actively looking to find me a new home in the area I want to live in. -Arlene June 25, 2015 – User Review
The Best of the Best. Cream of the crops. She did such an amazing Job for my family. The banks gave her a hard time but she was on it. Thank You for doing such an awesome JOB. The are so Happy. Again. Thanks -S. Morton July 1, 2014 – User Review
Shahla was very professional, responsive and helpful in finding our new home! She went over and above to help us find out dream home! We viewed several properties and once I selected one, she meticulously examined it and took extensive notes to protect me int the future. Excellent in customer service! -Shelly July 18, 2014 – User Review
Shahla is very professional, helpful and bubbly. She regularly updates you through email with the new listing from their portal. In just seven days we already found our new home, sign the lease and ready to move in. Thanks Shahla. I would definitely recommend her. -Chinette November 11, 2014 – User Review
Shahla was a wonderful person to work with and I wouldn't hesitate a second to work with her again in the future. She was quick to respond to our needs, VERY well prepared once it came to showing us some places, really worked with what we wanted and could afford and had some great insights on many of the properties. Shahla made us feel relaxed right from the get-go and made our hunt for a new home a fun experience rather than a chore. We viewed plenty in one day because she had filtered them out so well and by the next week, we were signing papers! We couldn't have been luckier to have Shahla help us through it all. She has knowledge of everything you need to get a home: the neighborhood, the school systems, negotiation with the seller, and most especially the house! We are excited to move in next week and we couldn't be happier, thanks to Shahla! -Reagan November 12, 2014 – User Review
Shahla has always gone above and beyond the call of duty to help. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell. She is very knowledgeable and caring. -Sam B. November 12, 201 – User Review
Shahla has always gone above and beyond the call of duty to help. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell. She is very knowledgeable and caring. -Sam B. November 12, 2014 – User Review
Shahla Salamat always was very helpful and courteous. We have been extremely happy with her service, her communication style, her urgency when needed and her overall professional approach. She helped us navigate the local market. She never pushed us on any of the properties, but always provided a very balanced opinion when needed. All these attention to details and taking care of client's interests are rare qualities in today's market. We would highly recommend her services. -Mitra R. November 12, 2014 – User Review
Shahla was an amazing person to work with while my husband and I were looking for a new place to call home. Newly married, first child on the way and having to find a place to live, my husband and I were in complete transition from Northern California to Southern California. We hotel lived for about 2.5 weeks before finding the best rental for the time being thanks to Shahla. Shahla had our application in and approved with a day for this new rental in West Covina. The rental we decided to go was perfect for us to bring a little one home to. Gated community, first tenants to live in home, just built and reminds us of our home we just sold and not to mention the great neighbors who look out for one another. We couldn't have found a better place to rent without Shahla. Not only would we highly recommend her for finding a rental but we look forward to working with her this upcoming year in finding a home to buy. Shahla makes note of exactly what you are seeking and hoping for in your new place and won't waste your time with homes that are of no interest to you. -Hidalgo January 23, 2015 – User Review
I highly recommend Shahla she is very helpful, knowledgeable and go out of her way to help you find a property to your liking. I've never meet a realtor with such compassion. She email me on my birthday. She's Amazing!!! -Lawanda Noland August 15, 2015 – User Review
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