416 Homes For Sale in Richmond, VA

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In Richmond, capital of the Commonwealth of Virginia, home prices have maintained a steady increase of about 3% annually over the past few years. Analysts attribute this to the city’s low unemployment rate and ongoing job stability in government, education, finance and manufacturing positions. The Richmond Region is made up of the city itself plus four counties: Chesterfield, Hanover, Henrico and New Kent. Each offers a mix of housing opportunities, from cottages and condos to residential, single-family homes and stunning mansions.

Rising from the ashes of the Civil War, Richmond literally had to rebuild from the ground up. Most noted for having been the capital of the Confederacy, the city celebrates a heritage of more than 400 years. This was where Patrick Henry delivered his "Give me liberty or give me death" speech as support for the American Revolution gained speed, and this is where, in 1990, Douglas Wilder, Virginia’s first African-American governor, took office. Today, the City of Richmond hums with energy, embracing a diversity of people, neighborhoods, businesses and activities. You can immerse yourself in its history through world-class museums, embark upon an up-scale shopping expedition, take in the ballet or a minor league baseball game and wrack your brain trying to choose from among a wide variety of scrumptious dining options.

In addition to its importance as the seat of state government, the city offers excellent colleges, including the University of Richmond, with its beautiful suburban campus, and Virginia Commonwealth University, better known as VCU, whose Medical Center is ranked first among Virginia hospitals. An extensive freeway system makes it easy to get around in the Region and many people who work downtown live in outlying areas. Popular neighborhoods include Brookland Park, with an average listing price of $134,373, and the district known as The Fan, with its tree-lined streets and late 19th- and early 20th-century homes, featuring prices averaging $404,130. In the Richmond Region, there’s a home for every budget, in a neighborhood suited to every taste.