22 Condos For Sale in Riverside, CA

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Riverside, CA is the county seat and one of the larger cities in California. Consisting of 28 neighborhoods, it offers great homes for any taste, from spacious ranch and Mission Revival style houses to trendy downtown condominiums. Since its founding in 1870, Riverside has grown organically and continues to annex land for new residential developments.

The northeastern region of the city is home to the University of California, Riverside. Built on hills and surrounded by mountains, Riverside is 60 miles from Los Angeles and about an hour’s drive away from the beach. Many neighborhoods still feature extensive citrus plantings, a relic from the Riverside’s time as a prosperous citrus plantation famed especially for its navel Oranges. One such neighborhood is Canyon Crest, a large and diverse community with many developments. Built on the hillside, it features spectacular views and offers plentiful opportunities for outdoor recreation with its many parks. Adjacent to the University, the Canyon Crest Town Center provides a variety of shopping and dining options. Historic buildings throughout Riverside represent a spectrum of architectural styles, along with many parks, museums and convention centers. Its unique aspect and proximity to Hollywood has also made the city a convenient filming location.

Although citrus production is still one of Riverside’s industries, it has declined over the years. The local economy derives its strength from a wide range of light-industry manufacturing of products such as medical devices, electronic equipment, as well as aircraft and automobile parts. Major non-manufacturing employers include Riverside’s three hospitals, Kaiser Permanente and the University of California. The county is also a significant employer, as is the school district. In addition, Riverside boasts a busy retail sector, with many shopping centers and malls sprinkled throughout the city. Business, real estate and legal employment is also booming; the continual new developments also lead to the necessity of architectural and engineering firms.