35 Condos For Sale in Savannah, GA

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The oldest city in the state of Georgia and one of the most charming coastal towns in America, Savannah is well known for its beautiful views of the Atlantic and its scenery of enormous live oak trees. Whether they are located in one of the city’s many historic buildings or the product of a new development, the condominium options in Savannah are plentiful and accommodating to any need. Savannah is home to numerous, stylish condos to fit a variety of budgets.

Overall, Savannah can be divided into six main districts that encompass the various areas of the city: Downtown, Midtown, Southside, East Side, West Side, and West Chatham or Southwest. A number of historical districts are also segmented from the rest of the city, including the Savannah Historic District, the Victorian District, the Cuyler-Brownsville District, the Mid City or Thomas Square District, and the Pin Point Historic District. Within the six main sections of the city, there are over 100 different neighborhoods and residential communities, some of which claim the region’s distinctive architecture stylings of the old south, and many of which are new and modern buildings interspersed with various retail and commercial spaces. A number of neighborhoods are also located either on the water or with views of the ocean and shoreline.

While Savannah has historically relied on agriculture and its status as an important port of trade and transportation, its economy has now come to include a diversified portfolio of tourism and leisure, business and professional services, government, education, healthcare, research, manufacturing, and the military. Savannah remains the fourth largest port in the country for shipping container traffic. A number of large corporations have plants or headquarters in Savannah and are some of its largest employers, including International Paper, Gulfstream Aerospace, TitleMax, Morris Multimedia, and JCB, which is the third largest producer of construction equipment in the world.