725 Homes For Sale in Savannah, GA

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Located in the heart of the American Southeast, on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, sits Savannah, Georgia. This city, the oldest in the state of Georgia, is steeped in historical significance and calm beauty. Its cobblestone streets and old carriage roads snake their way through town, lined with old oak trees draped in Spanish moss and an iconic architecture so famous in this region of the United States. Known for its intricately designed Victorian and Grecian style homes, as well as the more modern townhouses and classic rowhomes closer to downtown, Savannah offers a wide array of options for potential homeowners.

Savannah, Georgia, is a symbolic city born of war, conflict, industrialization, and conviction. It was founded prior to America’s independence from Britain and more than 100 years before the spark of the American Civil War. Many have called this great city home, and their cultural influences have helped shape it into the diverse and emblematic city it is today. Savannah’s many historic districts are filled with houses that date as far back as the city’s founding in 1733. Its architecture has been inspired by countless nationalities, most notably the French, Italian, and Spanish, and many of Savannah’s homes are detailed in complex ironwork and tall, ornate pillars. This cultural influence has reached far beyond the limits of architectural beauty, forever changing the food, music, traditions, and ethnic mosaic of its development.

Due to its rich and vast assortment of backgrounds, Savannah has accomplished a level of social enrichment most often found in dense and bustling metropolises. By these means, this polite, modest city has retained its small-town charm and ease of living while simultaneously offering the amenities of a much larger city. The South is known for its polite manners and appeal, and Savannah is no exception, truly laid back in nature and with a breezy air that makes one feel comfortable and instantly at home. The overall ambience and demeanor of Savannah is that of restfulness and soft geniality. It is not uncommon for many residents to seek out this corner of our country based on its southern charm alone. Besides its historical significance, beautiful architecture, and social diversity, Savannah boasts a highly eclectic art scene. Home to numerous galleries and museums as well as the famous Savannah College of Art and Design, this established yet seemingly modern city offers the basis for a truly fulfilling and refined life, both rich in history and relaxed in atmosphere.