5 Reasons Why Bushwick Neighborhood Is New York City’s Artist Haven

by Carson BuckOctober 9, 2017

Brooklyn’s Bushwick: Discovering NYC’s Artist Paradise

In a recent survey, WalletHub crunched the numbers to “help Americans find the cities with the greatest number and variety of fun yet cost-effective options.” And it should come with little surprise that New York City stole one of the top 3 rankings for “most fun city in America.”

So what exactly makes this city fun? Well, the survey looks at metrics ranging from music venues per capita to movie cost, and the average open hours of bars. And while it’s true, NYC pulls a strong ranking in these categories, it’s really the neighborhoods that give the city its vibrancy.

So which neighborhood should you visit? Our money’s on Bushwick, NYC’s artist haven. Here are five reasons why New York City’s Bushwick neighborhood is a creative’s paradise that makes the whole city worth visiting.
Bushwick Ave

Bushwick Is Still Up and Coming

Characterized as “unwashed and unfiltered,” Bushwick is a breath of fresh air in a city where so many places are already polished. As creatives pour into this artsy neighborhood, gallery spaces are emerging in warehouse lofts, bodegas flourishing on every corner, and the dive bar scene continues to sing a strong anthem. The neighborhood is reinventing itself, and now’s the perfect time to join the movement.

In Bushwick, Artists Find Community

The artist population is Bushwick is dense – so dense, in fact, that the neighborhood’s artist residency has increased by a staggering 1,116% since 2000 (it’s true, the artist population jumped from 150 people to 1,824 people in 15 years!). If you’re an artist in search of collaboration or inspiration, Bushwick offers a space to revel in the creativity of others while you produce your own artistic projects.
Bushwick, NY

Starving Artist? Not Anymore

Food options in Bushwick are also endless. According to Kevin Adey, a chef with a newly opened restaurant in the neighborhood, “Bushwick, in the past two or three years, has really become a completely different neighborhood.” Ade goes on to say that, “there’s so much more in the neighborhood — easily, 30 or 40 businesses have opened in the past three years.”

Whether you’re looking for an upscale bite in a creative warehouse space, like Faro, or a watering hole with late night eats, like Father Knows Best, Bushwick has it all.

This Colorful Neighborhood Is a Piece of Art

What better way to inspire artists than art itself? Yes, Bushwick stays loyal to grunge, but its lesser-traveled back alleys and side streets are like paintings themselves, says the NY Times: colorful, historic apartment buildings nestled side by side, creating swaths of color to inspire artists.

And the unpolished parts of the neighborhood? They’re just part of a canvas that’s waiting for artists. In fact, murals and graffiti are encouraged on buildings, commuter railways, and tin barriers.
Mural art at East Williamsburg in Brooklyn

Transportation Is Easy in Bushwick

If your inner artist isn’t satiated by all that Bushwick has to offer its residents, the neighborhood won’t take it personally. Instead, it encourages you to continue exploring other nearby areas in Brooklyn and New York’s various boroughs. Conveniently located close to the L train, Bushwick is the perfect platform for artists to launch themselves into New York City.

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