This Home in Hawaii is What Dreams are Made Of

by Sasha CarterMarch 27, 2018

Say Yes to Ocean Living in Your Hawaii Dream Home

If you’ve ever vacationed in Hawaii, then chances are pretty good you’re itching to go back. And we don’t blame you, as visiting Hawaii is like catching a specific kind of travel bug, but a rare strain that has you dreaming of lush waterfalls, tropical weather, and the unrelenting beauty of Hawaii’s shores.

So what if your hard-earned vacation money and frequent flyer miles weren’t the only ways to buy a trip to Hawaii? With a stroke of luck, you could win the lottery, buy a $4 million dollar home, and move to the islands for good. Feeling lucky? Here’s the home we think you should buy when you win the jackpot.
dream home in hawaii

Discover the Best of Oceanfront Living in Honolulu Hawaii

Set along east Honolulu’s striking shoreline, this oceanfront gem is truly a modern marvel. The property alone is worth the investment: surrounded by tropical landscaping, the home boasts 55 feet of ocean frontage. That means you can officially say goodbye to crowds and hello to paradise!

The home itself is a vacationer’s dream. Designed by George J. Wimberly, an acclaimed mid-century architect who also designed landmark Hawaii retreats (Coco Palms Resort and the Sheraton Waikiki), this A-frame home is integrated within its surroundings and takes full advantage of the ocean views. Don’t believe us? Step inside and take a look…
dream home in hawaii

Live With City, Mountain, and Water Views in Every Direction!

From the moment you step inside this unique A-frame home, you’ll delight in the light-filled, open interior that captures expansive ocean views from every angle. As you stand in the central living space, sliding floor-to-ceiling glass doors let you peer out at the home’s pool, landscape, and ocean beyond.

Look overhead: the warm wood paneling above helps to blur the line between indoor and outdoor spaces, as natural materials such as lava rock and bamboo line the home’s interior.
dream home in hawaii
We won’t blame you if you shore up inside this home. Given details such as the iconic, corner fireplace, the treeline-level kitchen, the mid-century style den, and the cozy A-frame loft, it’s easy to settle in to this Honolulu home and never leave. Whether you’re searching for a vacation home to rent out to others, a place to host guests, or an environmentalist’s retreat, this home fits the bill, but the property’s real magic lies outside.

In a private, fenced backyard, you’ll enjoy a 40-foot tiled pool that features the iconic Halekulani-inspired twin dolphin and orchid design. With lush palms overhead and drinks at the ready, this is serenity at its finest. Just a few steps farther, and you can delight in Hawaii’s warm, white sandy beaches and the state’s bright, unrelenting sunshine.
dream home in hawaii

Ready to Live Like a Vacationer Full-Time in Hawaii?

Like we said, Hawaii real estate isn’t cheap. But if you win the jackpot, what’s a $4.38 million dollar investment? Fingers crossed you play your cards right, and you can walk away becoming the proud owner of this magnificent 3,248 square foot Hawaiian home. If you’re feeling lucky, or just daydreaming in anticipation of your next island-bound location, this is your home.

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