1,663 Homes for Sale in Cleveland, OH

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Cleveland Housing Market 

A waterfront gem on the banks of Lake Eerie, Cleveland offers great neighborhoods at fantastic prices. As of 2020, the city’s population sits just above 372,000 while its sprawling, metropolitan suburbs remain home to over two million. Cleveland’s population remains steady, dropping less than one percent each year. Still, this lakeside city’s housing market is competitive, boasting more house hunters than there are homes to accommodate. With ample entertainment, world-class attractions, and a rich history, it’s a wonder Cleveland residents and transplants alike still enjoy such affordable housing prices. Even with home prices increasing over 21 percent since 2020, homes in Cleveland average between $100,000-$125,000. Sellers usually score their list price if not a bit more, and the median time between listings and closings are steadily decreasing. The city remains young and energetic, its residents averaging 36 years old. Homes in Cleveland are eclectic with no distinct architectural styles. Instead, the city boasts a hodge-podge of European, craftsman, ranch, and modern style homes that mirror popular realty trends. Although developers continue to craft new homes to accommodate rising demand, parts of Cleveland remain sprinkled with longstanding buildings and historic streets. Spot grand cathedrals with European influence in Tremont, quaint French-style homes in Shaker Heights, and much more. 

Cleveland Attractions 

Cleveland is an entertainment hub like no other. From iconic movie sets to roaring stadiums, this bustling city offers something for every resident. Music enthusiasts near and far flock to the  jewel of the Cleveland entertainment scene, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Here you can tour legendary exhibits or attend live rock performances and events. Spend an evening cheering on your home team at a Brown’s football game, Cavalier basketball game, or Cleveland Indians baseball game. The city even boasts a minor league hockey team so you can spend a night at the rink. Opportunities for education are endless with Cleveland’s history museums, aquariums, zoos, and children’s museum. The Cleveland Orchestra and various art galleries are a testament to the city’s devotion to culture and the arts. 

Between attractions, don’t forget to sink your teeth into Cleveland’s rave-worthy food scene. Pile your plate with unique Cleveland favorites including pierogi, an Eastern European dumpling, and Polish Boys, a barbeque delicacy you’ll have to taste for yourself. Pop in one of the city’s brunch spots, cozy coffeehouses, or lakefront breweries. No matter your palate and preferences, Cleveland is sure to appease all residents with its diverse cuisine and attractions. 

Cleveland Schools 

The Cleveland Metropolitan School District provides the city with 109 highly rated public schools. With emphasis on hands on, culturally relevant, and challenging curriculum, these schools strive to provide a personalized experience to Cleveland students. With a wide collection of STEM, art, career-tech, Montessori, and year-round schools available, students in Cleveland can choose the learning environment suited best for them. The community also boasts 93 quality private schools situated all around the city. In terms of continued education, Cleveland offers six colleges including Cleveland State University and Case Western Reserve University. 

Commuting in Cleveland 

Cleveland residents’ commutes are on average several minutes shorter than the national commuting average. Nearly 80 percent of inhabitants opt to drive around the city, but plenty of public transport options offer a simple and convenient way to navigate the metropolis. Cleveland boasts affordable (sometimes even free) commuting options. Choose from a range of inexpensive taxis, rails, and bus lines that weave through downtown. Residents that enjoy the fresh air can simply stroll the pedestrian-friendly city, as most attractions downtown are within a 20-minute walk of each other. Rental scooters and bikes are also sprinkled around Cleveland, offering a fun and easy form of transport. If you’re looking to save your money for a legendary Cleveland sandwich, take advantage of one of the city’s most popular modes of transportation, the free trolleys. Those traveling out of town have direct access to Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, the busiest in the state. You’ll also find smaller local airports scattered around the region. Popular highways and interstates including I-90, I-77, and I-80 also provide easy access to surrounding areas.