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Search 373 homes for rent in Delaware. View listing photos and nearby sales, and find the perfect homes for rent in Delaware.

Though small in appearance, Delaware has a lot to offer in real estate. Traditional family homes ranging from one to three bedrooms are most common. What a home lacks in size is often compensated for by acres of land. Mansions measuring over 4,500 square feet are increasingly popular in the affluent Sussex County, an area known for its up-and-coming developments.

As the state's largest city, Wilmington is a prime location for Fortune 500 companies and other successful businesses. Positioned at the meeting point of Christina River and Brandywine Creek, it also offers the best views. Dover is the state's capital and boasts a position as its second largest city. Its booming economy and affordable living costs are making it a relocation hotspot. It's also known to be one of the most entertaining cities in Delaware. This bustling city is best known for its International Speedway NASCAR track, the famous Dover Downs Hotel & Casino and the annual music festival, Firefly. Newark is a riverfront college town halfway between Baltimore and Philadelphia. Offering over 12,000 acres of public parkland, it's also known for its hiking and bike trails.

A diverse group of top-earning industries thrives in Delaware. The most profitable revenue streams come from government agencies, pharmaceutical and healthcare businesses, educational institutions, and banking. Delaware also has a very large farming industry that primarily consists of chicken raising. Some of the nation's best-known Delaware-based brands include AstraZeneca, Perdue Farms, Allen Family Foods, and Bank of America. Other industries that provide substantial income to the state include its prized aircraft building and lucrative tourism. Travelers to the state spend an average of $568 per person. The state has been pushing its year-round appeal to visitors, making winter another profitable time in addition to the popular summer tourist season.

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