10 Condos For Sale in Manassas, VA

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With a median sale price of $289,000, the Manassas VA real estate market is great for both singles and families. The area’s beautiful colonial style homes and its close proximity to the nation’s capital make this city a highly desirable for professionals looking to escape the hustle and bustle of Washington. This is an affluent area, and roughly 81% of the homes here are privately owned.

The Manassas area is largely suburban and neighborhoods such as Baldwin District, Calvary Run, and Barrington Park stand as a testament to this. These areas boast a great amount of public parks, great schools, and housing developments. Wellington is a residential area that is known for its older homes and mature population. This area is highly coveted, and very few homes are placed on the market each year. Old Town Manassas is the area’s historic center, and it is home to the majority of the city’s historic churches, schools, and homes. This area is currently listed as a historical site by the federal government and it attracts a number of visitors each year.

Most of the area’s economy is centered in Washington D.C., but Manassas does have an array of jobs to choose from. One of the main employers in the area is the Manassas Regional Airport, and the airport’s 26 businesses provide a number of locals with steady employment. There are also 415 different airlines based here, so if you have experience in the airline or aviation industry, this area would be perfect for you. The city’s third largest employer is Micron Technology. This Idaho-based company manufactures semiconductors and employs almost 1650. Lockheed Martin is the next largest employer, and nearly 1500 locals are employed at a nearby factory. Healthcare is one of the major industries in the city, and the Novant Prince William Health System provides a significant number of jobs at doctor’s offices, clinics, and regional hospitals.