92 New Homes For Sale in Plainfield, IL

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Plainfield, Illinois, is a pleasantly charming, mid-sized village in the northeastern corner of the state. Its homes are typical of the modern Midwestern residential areas, designed with clean lines and aesthetically pleasing functionality in mind. A diverse array of home sizes, types, and styles is available in Plainfield, from large estate homes with 6000 square feet to family starter homes with only 1000 or 2000 square feet.

Though Plainfield used to be a town of agriculture and little else, the population boom of the last few years has resulted in many new subdivisions and residential developments being created and expanded. Over 4,000 households dwell within Plainfield, which boasts easy access to good schools, a safe environment for raising a family, and an accommodating housing market. Several dozen neighborhoods make up the residential districts of Plainville, including Arbor Creek, Bronk Estates, Eagle Chase, Fairfield Commons, Harbor Glen, Nature’s Crossing, Park Place, Prairie Knoll, and Shelly Lane. Some of these subdivisions include multiple family residence units. Two unique pieces of infrastructure set the spaces of Plainfield aside from other cities. One of these is the Preservation Commission, established to help protect and restore the older communities and areas within Plainfield. The other is a historic preservation ordinance, which serves a similar purpose, protecting both historical structures and green space.

The economic health of the city of Plainfield relies primarily on retail, small businesses, education and health, government, and education. Many residents choose to commute to nearby towns or even to Chicago, as there is a bus route that takes Plainfield residents into the city of downtown Chicago. The Plainfield Community Consolidated School District serves a whopping 29,000 students over the region, and has created countless jobs for teachers, officials, and administrators. The City of Plainfield is a top employer in the area. The Lake Renwick Preserve, a county establishment located in Plainfield, is a local attraction for bird watching and also a major employer.