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Pueblo Home Trends

Similar to many areas in Colorado, Pueblo is experiencing incredible growth. With a record high population last year of over 113,000 and several new developments being built, this fast-growing city is now the eighth largest city in the state. Low inventory and an increase in demand have led to higher home prices. The average home price in Pueblo is $145,100. Pueblo has a wide range of housing styles based on the location in town. North Side is home to historic and architecturally diverse neighborhoods. Housing options in this area include charming neighborhoods with quaint Victorian houses and other vintage styles, newly built houses, golf course communities, and stately mansions. In South Side, you'll find sought-after neighborhoods with large residences, like Regency and Ventana, that offer new condos, townhomes, and single-family houses. This region also features neighborhoods with mid-size houses near ample amenities like Aberdeen, a community with several parks and the Pueblo Zoo. The outskirts of Pueblo have a rural atmosphere, offering log cabins and farm residences for sale.

Pueblo Attractions

Situated at the confluence of Fountain Creek and the Arkansas River, Pueblo is a charming town that values nature, culture, and the arts. Residents enjoy access to the Arkansas River and Fountain Creek Trail, a 19-mile trail system. Pueblo has plenty of parks for people to enjoy like City Park, home of the Pueblo Zoo, and Lake Pueblo State Park, a sprawling park with 60 miles of shoreline and nearly 10,000 acres of land. The city is anchored by the Historic Arkansas Riverwalk in Downtown Pueblo. This riverfront promenade is a cultural epicenter, offering paddleboat rides and hosting special events like concerts and festivals. Downtown pays homage to the city's roots as a former steel hub and contains multiple historic landmarks and museums including Pueblo Union Depot, Pueblo Heritage Museum, and Pueblo Railway Museum. Along with bars, galleries, and event venues, you'll also find locals enjoying Downtown's locally owned restaurants. The city has an emerging food scene, known for its authentic Mexican eateries and other international fares. Pueblo's most popular events are the Colorado State Fair and the Chile and Frijoles Festival, both of which draw thousands from across the state each year.

Pueblo Schools

Pueblo is served by District 60 Pueblo City Schools and District 70 Pueblo County Schools. District 60 Pueblo City Schools serves over 16,000 students and has 30 schools: 17 elementary schools, four middle schools, four high schools, two charter schools, two International Baccalaureate magnet schools, and one alternative high school. The district is revered for its academics, athletics, and diversity. Centennial High School and Fountain International Magnet School are some of District 60's top schools. District 70 Pueblo County Schools serves over 8,000 students and is ranked as one of the best districts in the state. District 70 has 35 schools, including 10 preschools, eleven elementary schools, six middle schools, four charter schools, and four high schools, including an alternative high school. Pueblo has 10 private schools as well. Colorado State University-Pueblo and Pueblo Community College are located in town, so residents have several options for higher education close to home.

Commuting in Pueblo

Pueblo's semi-rural location means traffic rarely gets congested. Residents enjoy an average commute of 19 minutes, which is less than the national average. Highway 96, Route 50, and Interstate 25 run through town, allowing for travel north toward Colorado Springs, Denver, and beyond. Pueblo Transit provides buses locally. The city has been working to improve alternative forms of transportation by developing a bikeway network and multi-use trails. Pueblo Memorial Airport provides flights to Denver International Airport, so traveling is convenient. Colorado Springs Airport is about 45 miles away as well.