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Coming in at second as one of the largest states in America by size, Texas offers an abundance of activities to enjoy and places to discover. Rental home styles within the Lone Star State are quite diverse, ranging from small one-bedroom capes to more spacious split-levels. Rental homes with a Southwestern flavor such as the Spanish eclectic are quite popular with their white stucco exteriors.

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Texas is culturally diverse and has a rich history dating back to the hard-won battle at Alamo, which earned the Lone Star state much sought after independence and freedom from Mexico. Texas is often thought of as the Wild West with many landmarks recognized for their historical significance. Regions within the state extend from the valleys and plains to the lowlands and Gulf Coast region. Hill Country is an eclectic region where more than 30 wineries abound bordered by metropolitan areas including the state capital of Austin. The Piney Woods region is diverse with its many national parks and state forests. The Gulf Coast region is an important resource for fueling the state's economy through its commercial fishing and shrimping industries. Magnificent canyons with multi-colored rock walls adorn the Panhandle Plains region of Texas, which is home to the popular nostalgic Route 66.