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Home Trends

At the confluence of the Delaware and Christina Rivers sits Wilmington, the largest and most populous city in the second smallest state in the country. With historical roots, a thriving arts scene, and several top employers, Wilmington is a fantastic choice for would-be home buyers of all types. Wilmington comprises 59 constituent neighborhoods, and from the historic homes and storefronts of Trolly Square to the rowhomes of Trinity Vicinity, Wilmington offers incredible homes bursting with character that will surely suit anyone’s taste and budget. A median home sale price of $256,000 is on a steady incline from previous years and the market is relatively competitive. With new construction cropping up in and around downtown, there are plenty of opportunities to secure a new build or a historic home in Wilmington.

Wilmington Attractions

Wilmington is sometimes called the 'Corporate Capital of the World,' evidenced by the 20th-century DuPont Building in the heart of downtown. Downtown Wilmington cozies up to the banks of the Christine River, providing a scenic metropolitan landscape to explore. All along 4th Street, North King Street, and Justison Street is a collection of popular restaurants and bars, some of which have incredible water views. The Docklands Riverfront is a popular waterfront dining spot, as is Iron Hill Brewery. Head to Rodney Square to experience the heart of downtown and the surrounding entertainment hot spots. The Delaware Museum of Art and the Delaware Contemporary round out the art exhibit offerings, with the former offering pre-Raphaelite pieces and the latter more modern works. Watch the seasons change at the scenic Brandywine Park, or head to Rockwood Park and Museum to experience incredible Gothic Revival architecture along with miles of hiking trails.

Wilmington Schools

Public schooling in Wilmington falls under three school districts: Christina School District, Red Clay Consolidated School District, and the Brandywine School District. Christina School District, which occupies the largest area of the city, serves more than 14,000 students and employs more than 3,000 people. The district encompasses two early education centers, 14 elementary schools, two elementary/middle schools, three middle schools, and three traditional comprehensive high schools. There are about 54 private schools in Wilmington serving over 10,000 students. The city is also home to the Delaware College of Art & Design, Delaware State University, and the University of Delaware-Wilmington Campus; the latter offers four associate programs, 140 bachelor’s programs, 115 master’s programs, and 44 doctoral programs.

Commuting in Wilmington

Those who commute by car in Wilmington experience on average a 22-minute, one-way commute, about four minutes less than the national average. Interstates 95 and 295, Highway 13, and Route 141 form the major thoroughfares into and out of the city for those who travel by car. There is a comprehensive bus system that makes getting around the city without a car relatively easy. Delaware Administration for Regional Transit (DART) operates several bus routes to hot spots around the city. Nearly seven miles south of the city sits New Castle Airport, a small yet efficient regional airport convenient for frequent flyers.