Why Logan Square is the Next “It” Neighborhood in Chicago, IL

by Carson BuckAugust 9, 2017

Discover Chicago’s Hottest Neighborhood (At the Moment): Logan Square

Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood was once one of its staunchest working-class neighborhoods. And, while the neighborhood still retains some of that proud, community-minded sensibility, Logan Square has since evolved into one of Chicagoland’s hottest places to live. In fact, this part of Chicago is often referred to as being “cool,” “hip” and “trendy,” even though at heart, it remains a blue-collar neighborhood (with a bit of a Bohemian touch.)
So, what’s all the buzz about Logan Square? Here are some of the reasons why Logan Square is Chicago’s “it” neighborhood of the moment.

A Community-Minded Neighborhood

Logan Square sports a strong neighborly connection and it’s a neighborhood that proudly displays the “local” mantle on just about everything. It has a locally run farmers market selling fruits and vegetables grown and provided from local farms. Its bars and pubs pour local craft brews; its galleries showcase local artists and its music scene regularly centers on local bands.

Logan Square even has its own active preservation groups and community gardens. When you live in Logan Square, you’re a part of a community that actually cares.

From Cheap Eats to Retailer Heaven

Logan Square is one of those neighborhoods that appeals to nearly every demographic. Its bike-friendly streets are bordered by all manner of cheap eats, like the $8 chicharron at 4 Suyos, the $2 carne asada taco at L’Patron, and the $2.50 hot dog and fries combo at Mr. G’s. But, it also has its share of gourmet coffee joints, fine dining restaurants and artisanal cocktail lounges.

Head to Milwaukee Avenue for some of the liveliest cocktail bars and gastropubs. Of course, for those who prefer their drinks “straight,” there are also dozens of dive bars and late night junk food eateries to suit your tastes.

Logan Square is also a shopper’s paradise. In 2016, the national commercial real estate services company Cushman & Wakefield named Logan Square as one of the “15 Hottest Urban Retail Markets in America.” This recognition is due to the wide variety of shops and boutique stores in the Logan Square area. Some of the best include Wolfbait & B-girls, Birdseye Rule, Nakama Toys, Mia Mora, and the eclectic Bric-A-Brac Records and Collectibles, just to name a few.

Logan Square Is Just Plain Beautiful

Logan Square gets its name because at the heart of this community is an actual square, which is formed at the intersection of Kedzie and Logan Boulevard, with a circle interchange that includes Milwaukee Avenue. Each of the extra-wide boulevards feature beautifully landscaped medians with rows of majestic trees bordering both sides.

The thoroughfares link together to form Chicago’s “Emerald Necklace,” the city’s large network of interconnected parks and streetscapes. Peppered throughout the Emerald Necklace are several historic churches, masterfully restored mansions and handsome Greystone homes. Logan Square is quite simply one of the most visually impressive neighborhoods in the entire city.

Logan Square’s Housing Market

Logan Square’s housing market consists largely of historic brick homes, Greystones, and row homes. Plus, many of the larger homes in this area have been converted into spacious, multi-tenant condominiums.

Over the last few years, a large number of artists and hipsters have fled to Logan Square to escape the rising rent and house prices in Wicker Park, and because they were attracted by Logan Square’s quieter and more peaceful environment. But, while this influx is largely responsible for Logan Square’s impressive growth in terms of its retail shops, restaurants and bars, it does come at a price.

Thanks in part to the wave of creativity introduced by the artisans, artists and hipsters, Logan Square is a must-visit destination for tourists and Chicagoans alike. This popularity has caused the housing market to experience a 7% year-over-year rise in its median sales price. As a result, Logan Square isn’t as affordable as it once was, with an average price-per-square foot of $416. The escalating prices could eventually create another exodus west to Hermosa.

Take it from us, Logan Park is the hottest thing going in Chicago at the moment and if you can afford to join the neighborhood, it’s well worth the investment. But, next on the block is going to be Hermosa. So, if you can’t afford the rising prices in Logan Park, you may want to set your sights there.

Hermosa is right next door to Logan Park and you might be able to lock in your home before the market starts heating up, which it will as Logan Park’s rising population starts overflowing into nearby neighborhoods.

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