476 Homes For Sale in Chattanooga, TN

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When looking for a new place to lay down your roots, Chattanooga, Tennessee is an excellent choice. Framed by picturesque countryside and mountain views, this mid-size city presents its citizens with a constantly improving cityscape. Its affordable housing market lends itself to a generally low cost of living that still contains many different activities and shopping experiences in the municipal area. Whether you’re looking for a trendy condominium in a downtown, walkable neighborhood or a large, Craftsman single-family home nestled in the suburbs, Chattanooga can give you what you want.

Even though Chattanooga is known for its breathtaking scenery being surrounded by the Tennessee River and various lakes and mountains, its urban lifestyle draws many into the heart of the city. With over 34,000 people commuting to its hip downtown area every day for work, Chattanooga has the amenities that you want when searching for chic, metropolitan living. If making a home in the city isn’t your cup of tea, you’re in luck because this beautiful city also offers many different neighborhoods filled with charming culture and friendly people. From the Brainerd suburb which features the area’s largest shopping mall to the Collegedale area, home to beautiful landscaping and one of the United States’ most exclusive golf courses, Chattanooga has what it takes for you to call home.

Tennessee’s stunning state parks and natural beauty don’t disappoint when looking for an active lifestyle in Chattanooga. With hiking, canoeing, horseback riding, rock climbing, picnicking in the many town parks and much, much more to choose from, this diverse city is ready and waiting for you to explore. As one of Tennessee’s fastest growing cities with a population of over 174,000+, Chattanooga has the well-being of its citizens in mind. From top-quality education available with its many public and private schools, as well as various colleges and universities, this area is booming with places to learn and grow. Along with the premium schooling, many have moved to this enchanting area because of its job availability. With its ever-growing economy, Chattanooga seems to be constantly hiring and looking for people to help its businesses flourish. To go along with its budding market, this city has focused on the development of its riverfront and many local shops and eateries. This has brought with it rapidly rising tourist numbers which, in turn, throws money back into the area for further development. If you’ve been searching for a great area that is ready to propel you upward, look no further than our listings in Chattanooga. Its one-of-a-kind neighborhoods filled with charm, beautiful and affordable homes and welcoming people make this city the perfect place to hang up your boots.